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Chiefs 17, Broncos 27: MHR Game Balls

When the Broncos win, the MHR Staff give out Game Balls. Here is your Week 11 edition of MHR Game Balls following Denver's 27-17 win over Kansas City Sunday night, including a special looks at the Broncos' Teammates of the Week.

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Shaun Phillips

Shaun Phillips hit nine sacks eleven weeks into the season in his team's tenth game. A marauder who has already made fans snicker every time they catch a whisper of the name 'Dumervil'. Phillips teams with Malik Jackson has been a force on opposing offenses the whole season, but especially recently. The duo have combined for 13 sacks on the season thus far. Specifically on this game Phillips nabbed ten tackles and two batted balls, on top of the one and half sacks. What an upgrade and at that price... - Ian Henson

The Running game and offensive line

Sure the running game averaged less than 3 YPC. But every carry they got kept that Chief pass rush from teeing off on Peyton. It was a grind and both Knowshon and Montee ground out those yards and helped keep the chains moving. When Peyton did get a chance to pass, he was left untouched. Peyton deserves a lot of credit for his quick release, but the entire line kept Hali and Houston from hitting #18. Speaking of great performance--how about that interior line and their handling of Dontari Poe? This was a fantastic game as a whole by the entire Broncos offensive front, who get our Teammates of the Week award, and one tough game by our running backs. - Bronco Mike

Chris Clark

This game ball could easily go to Orlando Franklin or anyone else on the offensive line for that matter. If I told you on Saturday that Peyton Manning and his two "gimpy" ankles would barely get touched Sunday night, would you believe me? Well, who cares what you would have said. Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Dontari Poe, and the rest of the vaunted Chiefs defense didn't get anywhere near Mr. Manning on Sundaynight. Special kudos go out to Chris Clark, who was the shining star of this stellar offensive line performance. Clark is not the star because he outplayed Franklin or any of the guards. Clark is the star because he rebounded from some pretty spotty performances and just in time to put down Tamba Hali. Even with a boot on his foot, I'm sure Clady was smiling all night. - Mr. East

Peyton Manning

Two sprained ankles and enough tape to turn Andy Reid into a mummy didn't prevent Peyton Manning from having a great game. It didn't prevent him from standing firmly in the pocket and making quick throws. It didn't stop him from finding Demaryius Thomas deep down the right sideline for 70 yards. Most importantly, it didn't prevent him from making a huge play following his fumble on a handoff to Montee Ball. Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson scooped it up and headed to paydirt, but ran into Manning on the way there. The 37-year old quarterback was able to take down the 30-year old linebacker, preventing a Chiefs touchdown. - Monty

Montee Ball

Ball's instincts are starting to take over, and that is a good thing.

8 rushes, 2 of them for touchdowns, and one sick spin move on the goalline; If that isn't making use of your chances, I don't know what is. Added to that, he had 3 catches for 16 yards en route to his best game of the season. Not only were his 14 points the difference in this game, but he pass blocked like a freaking Boss! Oh, and that 1 fumble? That wasn't on him, that was on Peyton Manning (Manning even said it was on him because he hurried up the handoff because of the heat being applied). I think Ball's instincts are starting to take over, and that is a good thing. Sure Peyton had to tell him where to line up a few times, but he does that to everyone. Bottom line is this: Montee Ball was a difference maker tonight, and although he's still not the starter, he's making the Broncos backfield all the better with each passing week. - Big Pete

Honorable mentions

Danny Trevathan played huge in coverage for the Broncos, but also managed a team-leading 11 tackles and forced a fumble, the Broncos' only turnover. ... Malik Jackson was impressive getting pressure on Alex Smith; he and Shaun Phillips combined to terrorize Chiefs offensive linemen most of the night.

Who gets your MHR Game Ball?