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MHR's NFL Week Twelve Picks

Keeping current with your MHR Pick'em predictions?

Justin Edmonds

Thursday, November 21st 8:25 PM ET
Saints at Falcons
Man, Atlanta just can't win for losing. I think that there is no way that New Orleans loses this game, which means that inevitably this will be the game that the Falcons win and all chaos happens in the NFC South.

Winner: New Orleans

Sunday, November 24th 1:00 PM ET
Buccaneers at Lions
Mike Glennon, Bobby Rainey, Lavonte David... What happens if these kids get organized? I don't know that it is happening this season, but all Greg Schiano needs to do is show improvement and he is employed for another season. Detroit is not going to help with that at all.

Winner: Detroit

Vikings at Packers
If the playoffs started today, Green Bay would not be playing in them as a matter of fact, they aren't even second in their division. Losing a home game to Minnesota cannot be possible though, even without Aaron Rodgers.

Winner: Green Bay

Jaguars at Texans
Man, I get the justification of it, but Gary Kubiak's decision to take Case Keenum out was not a good one. Even though it looked for a time that Matt Schaub may bring them back. Sideline fight aside, I think that Houston can get it together at home.

Winner: Houston

Chargers at Chiefs
Kyle dubbed this is (non-Denver) game of the week and I agree with him. San Diego must win, Kansas City would just like to win. A Chiefs loss would give Denver a little breathing room, but I don't think that Kansas City will lose two weeks in a row and the Chargers will continue to spiral.

Winner: Kansas City

Panthers at Dolphins
Man, Carolina is good. Even beat New England (thanks for pissing them off for us guys), Miami is still in the playoff hunt and this one could be a brawler. I usually don't take NFC teams over AFC teams, but I think that I am safe this week.

Winner: Carolina

Steelers at Browns
Pittsburgh is actually in the playoff hunt after that atrocious start, albeit they are still a 10th seed, they can swap places here with Cleveland with a loss. I really like the Browns this season and this game will justify that.

Winner: Cleveland

Bears at Rams
Is Jay Cutler playing? Does it matter? Chicago is good enough on defense to beat St. Louis's offense. Poor Rams.

Winner: Chicago

Jets at Ravens
Ready for me to talk about the playoffs some more? If the playoffs were to start today, New York would be in and Baltimore would be out. This is essentially an early Wild Card game, because the Ravens aren't even in the conversation at this point. Geno Smith was terrible last Sunday too.

Winner: Baltimore

4:05 PM ET
Titans at Raiders
You know who is in third place in the AFC West? Oakland. They are also currently the eighth seed in the AFC, Tennessee is ninth. I guess there will be blood with a veteran backup going up against an undrafted rookie backup (who played very well last Sunday). I like that team that I can't even type... The one that plays in the Bay, but not in San Francisco.

Winner: Oakland

Colts at Cardinals
Arizona is actually favored here (at the time that I write this) and Patrick Peterson is arguably the best cornerback in the league, the issue is that Indianapolis really doesn't have a number one receiver. There really isn't much for the Colts to worry about game planning against then, they've been used to not having Reggie Wayne.

Winner: Indianapolis

4:25 PM ET
Cowboys at Giants
It's that time in November when New York gets really good and they are if you only take into account their last four games. It's about that time for Dallas to take a back seat, the Giants have it from here on out.

Winner: New York

8:30 PM ET
Broncos at Patriots
Tom Brady owns Peyton Manning, especially at home. Brady is 6-2 all time against Manning at home, I like Denver too much this season though.

Winner: Denver

Monday, November 25th 8:40 PM ET
49ers at Redskins
You all get why this is a Monday night game, it looked like a brilliant choice at the beginning of the season. There's tension in Washington between the play caller and the guy that executes though and that can't end well. I like San Francisco here.

Winner: San Francisco

Now you guys! Broncs Cheer maintained the two game lead in the league with 111, Bad Football Pun holds down second with 109 and RossiyaBronco is all alone in third with 107. Arimaris' picks and SMiling Assassins split fourth place with 106 and three teams tie in fifth place. See the whole scoreboard right here.