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Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady: All-Time

With round 14 set to kickoff Sunday night in New England, here is a statistical look at one of the most storied rivalries in NFL history.

Jared Wickerham

By The Numbers






20-34 (58.8%), 196 yards, 1/3, 48.2 QBR

(A) NE 44-13

13-23 (56.5%), 168 yards, 0/0, 79.6 QBR


22-34 (64.4%), 335 yards, 1/0, 106.9 QBR

(H) NE 38-17

16-20 (80.0%), 202 yards, 3/0, 148.3 QBR


29-48 (60.4%), 278 yards, 4/1, 95.7 QBR

(H) NE 38-34

26-35 (74.3%), 236 yards, 2/2, 82.6 QBR


16-29 (55.2%), 256 yards, 2/1, 93.5 QBR

(A) NE 27-24

26-38 (68.4%), 335 yards, 3/1, 111.2 QBR


23-47 (48.9%), 237 yards, 1/4, 35.5 QBR

(A) NE 24-14

22-37 (59.5%), 237 yards, 1/1, 76.1 QBR


28-37 (75.7%), 321 yards, 3/1, 117.1 QBR

(A) IND 40-21

22-33 (66.7%), 265 yards, 3/0, 121.4 QBR


27-42 (64.3%), 238 yards, 0/1, 69.3 QBR

(A) NE 20-3

18-27 (66.7%), 144 yards, 1/0, 92.2 QBR


20-36 (55.6%), 326 yards, 2/1, 93.1 QBR

(A) IND 27-20

20-35 (57.1%), 201 yards, 0/4, 34.0 QBR


27-47 (57.5%), 349 yards, 1/1, 79.1 QBR

(H) IND 38-34

21-34 (61.8%), 232 yards, 1/1, 79.5 QBR


16-27 (59.3%), 225 yards, 1/1, 83.1 QBR

(H) NE 24-20

21-32 (65.6%), 255 yards, 3/2, 95.2 QBR


28-44 (63.6%), 327 yards, 4/2, 97.4 QBR

(H) IND 35-34

29-42 (69.1%), 375 yards, 3/1, 110.7 QBR


38-52 (73.1%), 396 yards, 4/3, 96.3 QBR

(A) NE 31-28

19-25 (76.0%), 186 yards, 2/0, 123.1 QBR


31-44 (70.5%), 337 yards, 3/0, 115.4 QBR

(A) NE 31-21

23-31 (74.2%), 223 yards, 1/0, 104.6 QBR


325-521 (62.4%) 3821 yards (7.3)

27 TD 19 INT 86.7 QBR

(5/8) 4-9

276-412 (66.9%) 3059 yards (7.4)

23 TD 12 INT 95.3 QBR

* denotes playoff game

(H - Home, A - Away, these refer to home or away games for Peyton Manning)

Tom Brady holds a 9-4 advantage all time in the win column including a 2-1 record in the playoffs. Eight times Brady has held the home field advantage and has come away with 6 wins (75%). Manning has posted a 2-3 record at home.

On average, Tom Brady's teams have averaged 29.9 points per game while Peyton Manning's teams have averaged 24.4 points per game.

Peyton has passed the ball much more than Tom Brady and therefore has the edge in yards. They are both nearly identical in yards per attempt over the course of the series. While Peyton Manning has thrown for more touchdowns, he has also thrown 7 more interceptions than Brady. Because of this and his slightly lower completion percentage, Manning's QB Rating heads up against Tom Brady is about 10 points lower than his career average.

Tale of the Tape







300 yard games



2+ TD games



3+ TD games



0 INT games



1 INT games



2 + INT games



Under 60% games



Over 70% games



The two biggest stats that stand out are 0 Interception games and three hundred yard games. Tom Brady has 6 zero interception games while Peyton Manning only has 2. They both have about the same amount of multiple Interception games, but the difference in a series that has featured seven games that have been decided by seven points or less has been turnovers. Brady is closer to his career average while Bill Belichick's defensive scheming has caused consistent mistakes from Manning.

Manning has had to carry his teams a bit more which helps explain why he has five more 300-yard games than Tom Brady over their course of their meetings.

Interesting Fact

Six of the last seven games have been decided by one score with an average margin of victory at 3.2 points.

Bronco Mike's Favorites

11/15/2009, Hoodie goes for 4th down in own territory

After New England extended their lead to 34-21 with 4:17 left in the game, Peyton Manning would engineer one of the greatest comebacks in his career. The game will however be known for one decision. The Colts scored a touchdown with 2:27 left in the game. Colts had all three timeouts plus the two-minute warning. They needed a stand badly. Two plays, a no gainer on the ground and a short 8-yard pass to Wes Welker ate up two Indy timeouts and set the stage for a 3rd and 2 situation with 2:11 left in the game.

Tom Brady once again looked for Wes Welker but was incomplete. 2:08 left, 4th and 2. With New England on their own 28 yard line, Bill Belichick opted to try and covert the 1st down rather than punt and give the ball back to Peyton Manning. Brady found RB Kevin Faulk for 1 yard and the Pats turned the ball over on downs. From there, Peyton took four plays before hitting Reggie Wayne for the game winning score. Colts win 35-34

Manning leads Colts to massive comeback, Super Bowl XLIV

I remember this game well. The Pats seemed like they were on cruise control at halftime with a 21-6 lead. Peyton Manning orchestrated two scoring drives including a conversion to Dan Klecko to tie the game at 21. From there the teams traded scores. 28-21 NE....28-28.....31-28 NE....31-31....which brings us to the Colts version of "The Drive"

A rivalry for the ages?

Yes and no. Brady has had Manning's number. Sometimes in life and sports there exists that one situation where one force holds over another force. Elway could never seemingly beat Montana, and Manning has always had a tough time with Brady.

My very unscientific opinion is that Brady's early training as a game manager has kept him from making as many mistakes. When you add to that a Head Coach in Bill Belichick who has successfully developed strategies to hinder the Manning attack....even to the point where the NFL re-examines it's rules in regards to illegal contact and pass interference, Brady has had a decided advantage when it comes to game planning, strategy, and adjustments. Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell, and even John Fox are nice guys and fine coaches, but they are nowhere near the level of coach that Bill Belichick is.

Brady still holds that advantage as far as coaching. Through 10 games of the season, Peyton Manning is outplaying him. He also is surrounded by more talent and a better overall team. Hopefully Peyton and the Broncos can translate that into a W come Sunday night.

Whatever the outcome, we are running out of opportunities to see two of the All-Time greats battle each other head to head. The History of this rivalry is meaningless on Sunday. Every season brings about a clean slate and Manning vs. Brady XIV is no different. Which ever side of NFL fandom your loyalties lie, take some time during the game to appreciate both of these competitors. Father time marches on and with him will come the end of an era.

Two Giants, two Contenders....what more could you ask for?