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MHR Radio Podcast 2.17 | Peyton vs. Brady

The Denver Broncos are the Game of the Week for the second consecutive week.

Chistina (@yeswhatisaygoes) joins us!
Chistina (@yeswhatisaygoes) joins us!

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MHR's self-dubbed 'Hell stretch' is one third of the way done and the Denver Broncos have so far remained unscathed through one week of the three week stretch that includes two of the best teams in the NFL for three weeks straight.

Oh! And we had special guest Christina Quattrone who you may know better as @yeswhatisaygoes on Twitter or on YouTube, a very quality follow so check her out if you have not already. You must hear the story that she tells about how creepy this New England Patriots fan is.

Here were our topics of the day:

  • We asked Christina about her creepiest direct message on Twitter (and boy did she have a creepy one!)
  • We recap the Kansas City Chiefs and shed some major insights into what caused the Broncos to be so dominant and how the team made Marcus Cooper look like the rookie that he is.
  • We update you on all of the team's injuries.
  • We break down the newest Denver safety Michael Huff.
  • Preview all of Week 12's games.
  • A Peyton vs. Brady conversation
  • We discuss the upcoming Patriots game and how Peyton has failed more in New England than anywhere else.
  • Then we get into a bit of the other NFL news, RGIII calling out the play calling (the Shanahan's) and whether or not Gary Kubiak could be coming to Denver soon.
  • Del Rio vs. Fox Week Two.
  • Then Kyle makes a massive purchase. If you follow the show, you may know what we are talking about.

Definitely give Christina a follow and a huge thank you to her for being our guest. Her Week 12 picks will be out tomorrow I believe, so subscribe to her!