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National Guard will be on hand at Gillette Stadium

An inside source has given Bronco Mike information that the Army National Guard will be on alert and in attendance Sunday night in Foxboro when the Denver Broncos play the New England Patriots.

Greg Fiume

When I asked my source why the National Guard would be in attendance, I was given a one word response "fear." Though I tried to get my source to divulge more information, I was only told that this is in response to a request made back on November 17th, 1996:

Up late in the game 34-8, former Broncos TE and NFL HOFer Shannon Sharpe used the sideline phone to call the President (Bill Clinton at the time) and request help for the lowly Patriots who were being manhandled on the field. He specifically requested that President Clinton send in the National Guard.

Though the Guard failed to show up on that day (reportedly because President Clinton had forgotten about the request after receiving a special visit from intern Monica Lewinsky), the hastily scribbled note was found stuck underneath the Oval Office desk this past week during a routine cleaning by one of the custodial staff.

It remains to be seen whether or not the troops will have to intervene on behalf of the Patriots. When asked about his involvement in the matter, Mr. Sharpe had this to say about how Pats fans feel regarding his request some 17 years later:

All I know is that the moment one of our defenders hits Tom Brady, a state of emergency will be declared.