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Week 12 Open Thread: The Early Games

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Another week, another prime time television event for the Denver Broncos. If it wasn't for Tim Tebow's brief stint of on the field stardom for the Broncos, this fan wouldn't be quite used to the spotlight around here. It's Peyton Manning though and his on the field stardom is anything but brief.

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San Diego must win, Kansas City would just like to win. A Chiefs loss would give Denver a little breathing room...-Ian Henson

The biggest game this morning is easily between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers. A Chargers win here would be huge and I think its more of a possibility than one might think. After watching the Chiefs last week, I am convinced their Achilles heel is facing a strong offensive squad. Their defense was playing at an other worldly level when they faced the Dallas Cowboys, but I've seen chinks in that armor since.

Perhaps the Broncos finally get a break from the Chiefs that they themselves don't create. None of the other early games seem quite as important than the one above, but I think we might be pleasantly surprised by the games in Baltimore, Miami and St. Louis.

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