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Week 12 Open Thread: The Late Games

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I've got some family events to attend today, so this post is getting scheduled midway through the second quarter of the early games. I am absolutely kicking myself for switching my pick from the St. Louis Rams to the Chicago Bears. Idiot I am, first intuition is usually the best dang it! That said, maybe by the time this is posted I'll look like a genius after a Bears mighty comeback. Bwahahaha, right.

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Fortunately for me, I am sitting pretty for the other games that a lot of my pick'em opponents took opposite of me. Although, those scores are mostly 3-4 points difference, so I'll probably get screwed. I had a feeling the Baltimore Ravens would struggle against the New York Jets and I also thought the 10 point spread for the Houston Texans over the Jacksonville Jaguars was totally absurd. No way a 2-8 team is a 10 point favorite against anyone, even the Jaguars. I didn't follow my gut with either of those picks though and went with the herd.

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