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TV Broadcast Map: Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs (NFL Week 13, CBS Late)

Courtesy of, here's a broadcast map for Denver's Week 13 match up against Kansas City.

The Denver Broncos (9-2) will travel to Kansas City to play the Chiefs (9-2) this weekend. Courtesy of, we have a handy-dandy broadcast map to let you know if the game will be televised on your local CBS stations.

If you are in the RED, you will get this weekend's game. If you are not in the red, you can always go with DirecTV or a sports bar.

Or Monty's place. Come on over, he's fine with it, I promise.

The story lines for this game will be even more plentiful than two weeks ago when they met for the first time. Unlike last time, both of these teams are tied in record (9-2). They are also both coming off of losing efforts the previous week. To add drama to the equation, the Chiefs have seemed to find a vertical passing game while the Broncos still can't stop any version of any passing game. The Broncos and Chiefs looked like they swapped uniforms last week with the Chiefs putting up points, and the Broncos grinding it out via the running game.

The Chiefs lost at home last week while the Broncos blew a 24-0 halftime lead in Foxborough. What gives this week? Will the Chiefs lose 3 in a row (including 2 in a row at Arrowhead)? Will the Broncos be able to get their historic offense back in gear? Will either defense show up? Tune into the CBS Late Game to find out!

Kickoff is scheduled for 2:25 p.m. Mile High time.