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Jack Del Rio is Denver Broncos' interim head coach

Denver Broncos defensive coordinator has been named the interim head coach, according to multiple reports.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The Denver Broncos will remain being led by a man with NFL head coaching experience.

As reports trickled in Saturday night about John Fox being unavailable for at least the next four and as many as the next eight weeks as the head coach of the Denver Broncos, my immediate thoughts turned to Jack Del Rio taking over.

Indeed, it is Del Rio who will take over as interim head coach, according to multiple reports. He is 68-71 (.489%) as a head coach, going 1-2 in the playoffs losing to the New England Patriots twice (2005 Wild-Card and 2007 Divisional Game)

With the aortic valve replacement surgery that Fox is facing it may be required for doctors to go through and break his sternum. As you can imagine the recovery time on that type of procedure is not swift.

Granted Fox will not be taking shots from linebackers and defensive ends, it's still rough walking around with your chest split and the bones clinking together when you breathe too deep.

Reports are that Fox will be out at least four to six weeks and as many as eight. Denver faces the San Diego Chargers next with the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots and Chiefs over the next four weeks. Over the next five to eight weeks, the team will face the Tennessee Titans, Chargers, Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders to end the season.

That is a lot of good football ahead, Del Rio's was once known for wearing suits on the sideline. This could be just what the Broncos need to get them into the playoffs-- class.

Editor's Note: This story originally published on Nov. 3rd but was removed pending confirmation.