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Gary Kubiak collapses at halftime of Sunday Night Football, taken to hospital

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In a scary scene Sunday night, longtime Denver Broncos player and coach Gary Kubiak, who serves as current head coach of the Houston Texans, collapsed at halftime of his team's Sunday Night game against the Indianapolis Colts.

No one had any answers to start, and the entire sports social media landscape was either panicking or holding its collective breath for a consensus "good guy" (or both). However, news has turned for the better. NBC's Michele Tafoya reports that Kubiak did not lose consciousness, he is being hospitalized as a precaution, and his family is with him.

Our thoughts, prayers and hopes are with Gary Kubiak during this scary scene, as it is with another member of our Broncos family, current head coach John Fox, who was hospitalized earlier this weekend and will require heart surgery.

What an eye-opening and terrifying weekend for NFL head coaches, with Broncos fans in the thick of it. We repeat what we've said often this weekend, and hope it echoes so both can hear: Get well soon, Coach.