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MHR's NFL Week Thirteen Picks

Keeping current with your MHR Pick'em predictions?

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Three of these games have been played by the time that you have read this, but you weren't really all in on predicting Thanksgiving games were you? Either way,

Thursday, November 28th
Packers 10 Lions 40

Raiders 24 Cowboys 31

Steelers 20 Ravens 22
I picked Pittsburgh in this game for full disclosure. Baltimore's win makes them the sixth seed in the AFC Playoff hunt right now though (pending the outcome of Indianapolis and Tennessee).

Sunday, December 1st 1:00 PM ET
Titans at Colts
Tennessee is currently seventh in the AFC Playoff race, but with a win (somehow in Indianapolis) they can take back the sixth seed in the AFC. I doubt that is going to happen.

Winner: Indianapolis

Jaguars at Browns
Jason Campbell is out and my Cinderella team in Cleveland will probably win out for the rest of the season now that I have given up on them. Brandon Weeden is strong enough to beat Jacksonville though and the Browns defense is still very strong.

Winner: Cleveland

Buccaneers at Panthers
Carolina is not a come out of nowhere team, Carolina damn near handed it to Seattle in Week One (the final score was 12-7 Seattle). Mike Glennon is someone that has come from nowhere and made Tampa Bay a decent team, Vincent Jackson is one of the better receivers in the NFL and newcomer Bobby Rainey looks good still, despite falling back to earth last weekend. Minus Darrelle Revis on defense though, Cam Newton's going to have a field day.

Winner: Carolina

Bears at Vikings
Again, Jay Cutler or not, the NFL's 31st best defense won't be able to handle Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett. Chicago's the ninth seed in the NFC right now and with the seventh and the eighth seeds (Arizona vs Philadelphia) playing each other, this is a must win for the Bears.

Winner: Chicago

Patriots at Texans
This is a game that Houston can and will win, just because they aren't supposed to. I say can and will win only to predict that New England wins out of spite.

Winner: New England

Cardinals at Eagles
This is actually the Sunday early game that I am most looking forward to. Not something that I would have predicted when doing all of my predictions at the beginning of the year. How good is Patrick Peterson? Not good enough to beat Philadelphia by himself. Even if the Arizona offense goes off, Nick Foles will be able to match every one of their scores.

Winner: Philadelphia

Dolphins at Jets
I can't remember the exact statistic, I think that Geno Smith has thrown ten interceptions to one touchdown in the last three weeks. Something like that, anyway, the only real reason that Rex Ryan is sticking with Smith at this point is because he can't wait to be the next defensive coordinator in Denver, once Jack Del Rio has taken over as the new coach in Minnesota.That or Ryan got strong armed into drafting him in the first place.

Winner: Miami

4:05 PM ET
Falcons at Bills
Atlanta will definitely win this game, nine times out of ten in the next thirty years. Not this year though, Buffalo has got this. I think that Atlanta would rather forfeit than play in the cold anyway.

Winner: Buffalo

Rams at 49ers
I would really like to see St. Louis win this game, but they're not going to. San Francisco is one loss away from losing second place in the NFC West and the NFC's fifth seed to the Arizona Cardinals.

Winner: San Francisco

4:25 PM ET
Bengals at Chargers
If San Diego can win this game, they can knock Baltimore (at least temporarily) out of the playoffs. The Chargers then go to one of the most difficult schedules left of the AFC playoff contenders. Somehow they are favorites in this game, which does not make sense to me. Seeing as how they're going to get blown out. Oh PS, despite the playoff implications, this game is blacked out in San Diego. So congratulations San Diego, now your fans can watch the Denver game.

Winner: Cincinnati

Broncos at Chiefs
The rematch, this time on Kansas City's home turf, the loudest stadium in the NFL. At least until Monday I assume. The Chiefs are done some of their best players on defense likely and Denver is up some of their best players on offense (though it is not looking good for Derek Wolfe). The only way that Kansas City wins is if Alex Smith is scoring touchdowns on short fields all day. The winner of this game is also basically a sure thing to be in the AFC playoffs.

Winner: Denver

8:30 PM ET
Giants at Redskins
So boring, but I'll take New York. RGIII has become a parody, I feel bad and have to change the channel when he is talking during press conferences. Give Kurt Cousins a shot.

Winner: New York

Monday, December 2nd 8:40 PM ET
Saints at Seahawks
Really smart Monday night football game here. Even with this game in Seattle, I think that New Orleans brands the field New Orleans North and let the Seahawks know that the road to the Super Bowl goes through New Orleans, but Seattle. Just kidding, Seattle is one of if not the best teams in the NFL this season.

Winner: Seattle

Now, in our league here, what in the heck is up with Broncs Cheer? Throttling first place at this point, they have guessed 122 correct games as of Friday morning. RossiyaBronco is in second place with 118, Bad Football Pun is in third with 117 and birddog and Smiling Assassins are in fourth with 114 total points.