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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs are horrible limited offensively, but defense deserves respect

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Pretty much all of the interesting teams in the league had a Bye last week. Either that or it just feels that way because I'm a Broncos fans. There wasn't much movement across the board as most teams have settled in or around where they should be ranked.

Once again, the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks squeaked by supposedly inferior opponents. I have reluctantly kept these teams in the Top 5 discussion, but they consistently fail the eye test. It would shock me if either team advanced to the Super Bowl. Shock isn't even a strong enough word to describe how unlikely those outcomes are to me.

As for the rest of the league, I see four or five teams who I would consider strong Super Bowl contenders. Obviously the Broncos, but also the Patriots, Packers, 49ers and Saints. Beyond that, a team would need to get hot at just the right time to streak through the playoffs in Giants or Ravens like fashion.

Let's see how things got blown up this week in my NFL Rankings. Check out last week's power rankings here.



San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers had a Bye week, but I saw nothing from the other teams in the Top 10 to dethrone them from this spot heading into next week. If you disagree, then I'd like to point you over to this stat: 35-12. That's the average score in the last five games for the 49ers, all wins.



Kansas City Chiefs

Another week and yet another third string quarterback for the "vaunted" Chiefs defense. Alex Smith put up an historic 9 offensive points and willing his defense to another 14 point output. It's becoming more and more apparent that the Broncos will have plenty of chances to win against this team, even if they end up minus in the turnover margin. If Jamaal Charles and company can't even put up points against the lowly Bills, then all Denver needs to do is score 24 points(which is about half their season average right now) and they should be good for the win. Two weeks...can't wait! At least Chiefs fans get to enjoy the undefeated record for another 10 days.

All that said, if I'm going to troll Chiefs fans the least I can do is rank them where they probably should be ranked given their defensive output through 9 games.



Denver Broncos

Hopefully John Fox has a speedy recovery, but in the meantime we have Jack Del Rio's experience to guide the Broncos through this period of the season. The biggest four game stretch of the regular season begins next week for the Broncos as they travel to San Diego to take on a division rival. Then they host the Chiefs in Denver and then hit the road again to face Tom Brady in Foxborough and the Chiefs again at Arrowhead. The goal here for Peyton Manning and company is to finish this four game stretch at least 3-1.



Seattle Seahawks

Okay, now they are playing like the Chiefs at home. Barely beating bad teams there is when I start to question a supposed powerhouse's legitimacy. This week they won, but in my power rankings they lose. Russell Wilson had a somewhat poor game, but because of his athleticism he can fight through tough outings with his legs which he did in this game. The Seahawks fought all the way back and took the game in overtime from the winless Buccaneers, 27-24.



Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck was not having fun this week. At one point, near the end of the third quarter, Luck was 6/20 for 89 yards. Ouch! The Colts are doing what they do best, play up or down to their opponents. I hate teams that are like that, because it makes it impossible to make any logical guesses each week in pick'em leagues. Oh well, all I want is for them to come to Mile High in January. The win keeps the Colts in position to snag a first round Bye.



New Orleans Saints

As Drew Brees goes, so do the Saints. Brees had a solid start in this game, but had several miscues that led to the Jets getting out in front and holding on for the win. The Saints are definitely one of the few contenders in the NFC, but like the Seahawks, they better hope the road to the Super Bowl does through New Orleans. Jimmy Graham is a beast.



New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski is finally back in form as the Patriots put up 55 points against the once great Steelers defense. Tom Brady is rolling now, just in time for the Broncos to come to town for a visit in a few weeks. Where are our third string quarterbacks to face? Wahhhhhwahhhh.



Green Bay Packers

The Packers lost Aaron Rodgers early in this game and Seneca Wallace had to come in to lead the team. The Packers looked okay, but I can't justify moving them much up or down without having Rodgers in there. The injury doesn't appear to be long term, so I expect this team to be right back on track next week.



Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton followed up his career best performances with one of his career worst and the Bengals paid the price in overtime. Cameron Wake snagged only the third overtime safety in NFL history to hand the Bengals their third loss of the season. At 6-3, Cincinnati is easily on track for at least one home playoff game, but they need Dalton to take the next step if they are going to win some playoff games.



Carolina Panthers

Having been a huge detractor of Cam Newton since he was drafted, my mind has been changed drastically after watching an interview on Fox's pregame show on Sunday. I can usually tell when someone is just saying the right things and when they actually mean what they are saying. Cam Newton meant every word, which means the player and person I felt was too immature to win in this league is not longer that person then I think it's time to start buying into the guy. If you ask me, the Panthers are going to be in the playoffs this year.



Detroit Lions

The Lions had a Bye, but I had to drop them a spot to make room for the surging Panthers who are straight dominating their opponents in recent weeks.



Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are one of those undisciplined teams that always seem to play up or down to their opponents. To me, that's always been a sign of a locker room that lacks quality leadership. The Jay Cutler led Broncos would be a good example of that. Tony Romo is a solid quarterback and they have stars all over that roster, so the question that irks me the most is why on Earth would this team need a last second touchdown to squeak by the 1-7 Vikings? At least Romo knows how to sneak a first down in past the referees.



New York Jets

Man I dislike the Jets. I don't even know why, but I haven't liked them since I was a kid back in the late 1980's. Somehow, someway, they get blown out and then beat a great football team. What? Rookie quarterbacks. On Sunday, we got "good" Geno Smith and the Jets got a win.



Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals had a Bye and I saw no reason to change their position this week.



San Diego Chargers

Ryan Mathews sure looks like a major bust for the Chargers. A.J. Smith is the gift that keeps on giving. Phillip Rivers had a rough day with a few interceptions, but still put up nearly 350 yards passing. He'll bring his best game with Peyton Manning coming to town. so the Broncos need to come out and bust him in the mouth early and often to keep him from finding any rhythm whatsoever.



Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker struggled somewhat in this game, but Chris Johnson decided it was time to reincarnate CJ2K and carried the load for the Titans to victory. The Titans suffered badly without Locker in the lineup, but this team was playing solid playoff caliber football before he went down. I'm looking to see this team make a push for the playoffs late. Should be exciting.



Chicago Bears

Without Jay Cutler, this team seems a little better doesn't it? Put up a 40-burger against the Redskins then went into Lambeau and put a hurting on the Rodgers-less Packers. Brandon Marshall also picked up his game.



Cleveland Browns

Jason Campbell is just the veteran quarterback this team needed. His three touchdown passes and ability to protect the football has given his teams stellar defense a chance to keep the game close and the Browns are winning football games because of it. They are a game under .500 and chipping away at the Bengals lead. If they can beat the Bengals straight up then we could actually be talking about a Browns team winning a division title. Yikes!



Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens elite quarterback, Joe Flacco led his team in rushing today with 25 yards, but unfortunately for his team it did not translate into a win for the defending Super Bowl champions who fall to a pathetic 3-5 record for the season. Hey Broncos fans, remember back in the offseason when Ravens fans would be all up on this blog all day every day? Yeah, I miss those days too. Now we've got Chiefs fans! You'd think the Broncos were Super Bowl favorites or something...



Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins stop a four game skid and their early season success has evened itself out. They have a solid team, but the talent level still makes me think 7-9 or 8-8. Ryan Tannehill had a solid "game manager" performance on Thursday Night Football, going 20/28 for 208 yards with not touchdowns or interceptions. With their defense, that is exactly what this teams needs from their starting quarterback.



Washington Redskins

So the Redskins have played good football in recent weeks, except for the game against the Broncos. This gives me hope that maybe the Broncos defense really has started to turn the corner. Robert Griffin III is back (minus the game against the Broncos of course) and led his team to victory over the Chargers on Sunday. He combined his nearly 300 yards passing with 120 yards on the ground from Alfred Morris.



Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Foles, is he the next Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn? Only time will tell. He certainly put it on the Raiders with seven touchdown passes MIDWAY THROUGH THE THIRD QUARTER before being benched in favor of making sure he doesn't get injured again. Obviously, it was nice to see the Raiders get embarrassed at home. It really made my afternoon. Thank you Nick!



St. Louis Rams

After blowing it last week against the Seahawks, I'm quite glad the Rams lost again. To rush for over 200 yards in a game, then get down inside the 5 yard line and you throw the ball. Yeah, what? This Zac Stacy guy is the real deal though. He was a solid pick up for me on the waiver wire this week and paid off big time. The Rams just need to learn how to win. They are playing good football, but they are finding ways to lose more often than not.



New York Giants

The Giants had a Bye and though I considered dropping them a spot or two, I decided to leave them be. Let's see if they can keep the winning streak alive.



Buffalo Bills

Some guy named Jeff Tuel nearly put it on the Chiefs on Sunday, but two costly turnovers derailed those hopes. The Bills also ran all over the Cheifs overrated defense to the tune of 200+ yards. It's nearly inexplicable that they lost this game, but if you can't tackle a defensive player running 100 yards back for a pick six then you deserve to lose. Especially when the other teams offense is so woefully incompetent that had you tackled the player you probably would have gotten the ball back with minimal damage.



Houston Texans

Thoughts and prayers out to Gary Kubiak! Case Keenum looks like he wants to play football in this league. This is the Texans team we all expected at the start of the season, but the biggest question is "can they win out?". They already have five losses, so they pretty much need to win out in order to be in the hunt for a wild card. We'll see, but I doubt we'll see Matt Schaub again unless Keenum regresses badly.



Oakland Raiders

Whelp, Terrelle Pyror is still just a young player who is mistake prone. It doesn't help when your defense can't stop anything or anyone not named LeSean McCoy(he sucks by the way). That said, Pyror still had nearly 300 yards passing and a 100 yards rushing and some guy named Rashad Jennings also had a 100 yards rushing, but little of those yards turned into points for the Raiders and it certainly looks like they will be dwelling in the AFC West cellar again this season.



Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers discover they have offensive weapons only to discover their defense stinks. The game was close heading into the fourth quarter, but the Patriots put up four touchdowns in the final quarter to end the game and all hope the Steelers had for victory. This team should be winning more games, but they are finding ways to lose. If their defense steps up, their offense gives the game way or vice versa.



Atlanta Falcons

Tony Gonzalez should have retired. This season is completely lost for the Falcons and it won't matter how well Matt Ryan plays. Their defense is flat our terrible and whoever is running this team at the General Manager level should be facing the music after this catastrophic season. This should be a warning to us Broncos fans as well, if only to point out how quickly a team can go from 13-3 to potentially 3-13.



Minnesota Vikings

Christian Ponder isn't the problem for the Vikings. In fact, he may be a solid second tier starter in this league. Certainly not a guy you could win a Super Bowl with without an all-world defense, however, the Vikings are losing games because of the lack of talent in the trenches. I thought the Vikings would take a step back this year, but I certainly didn't expect this kind of fall.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike James galloped his way to 158 yards and a touchdown pass (yes, pass), while Mike Glennon did his job with two more touchdown passes. However, they could not close the deal defensively. At least, for the first time in a month, the Buccaneers at least looked like a team that hasn't quit on their coach. Maybe a win is just around the corner for these guys after all.



Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars had a Bye. And yes, they are still the worst football team in a decade.