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MHR's NFL Week Ten Picks

Keeping current with your MHR Pick'em predictions?

Justin Edmonds

Five games separated me from perfection last week (only five!). I started this week off by announcing the Jack Del Rio news a bit too early, but let's hope that I can continue that by announcing the entirety of the fourteen Week Ten games correctly. Leggo!

Thursday, November 07th 8:25 PM ET
Redskins at Vikings
With as many quarterbacks as Minnesota has gone through this season, I am surprised that the NFL hasn't dropped everything and had them play Kansas City yet.

Winner: Washington

Sunday, November 10th 1:00 PM ET
Eagles at Packers
Nick Foles, I won't say his name again here, but man... Peyton Manning just got the record dude! Come on! As I type this, I know nothing of Aaron Rodgers status, but I saw the injury and its aftermath and I cannot assume that he will be playing this week. For that, I may have to say that Philadelphia can inch closer to first in the atrocious NFC East.

Winner: Philadelphia

Jaguars at Titans
Jake Locker made me crazy last week, Chris Johnson rewarded those of you that were ballsy enough to keep him on your roster and start him. This was all against a very good St. Louis defense. What the heck do you think that they're going to do with Jacksonville? Their coach just took over in Denver...

Winner: Tennessee

Bills at Steelers
E.J. Manuel is back and so might be C.J. Spiller... Rough game for Manuel to come back, what with Troy Polamalu still leaping over offensive lines to Hulk Smash opposing quarterbacks. Buffalo is one of my adopted teams this season though and I am not entirely conviced Pittsburgh has the steel to stop them.

Winner: Buffalo

Raiders at Giants
I want to and it is safe to say that New York will win this game, but how are they going to do anything with Terrell Pryor when he takes flight? Oakland's defensive line is just going to bully the Giants. This will make Eli Manning resort to tossing the ball quicker. Though maybe Peyton Manning has filled him in on the secret to beating the Raiders-- scoring more points.

Winner: Oakland

Rams at Colts
St. Louis doesn't have enough calcium to have a bone to pick here. Indianapolis wins as all that the Rams can rely on is rookie Zac Stacy.

Winner: Indianapolis

Seahawks at Falcons
I am teetering on risky behavior here, but I really like Atlanta at home in this one for some reason. The Falcons just have nothing to lose and teams that have nothing to lose are downright invulnerable. Forget that Seattle on the road is iffy, they are the likely NFC delegate at the Super Bowl this season. Atlanta knows that was supposed to be them in 2013.

Winner: Atlanta

Bengals at Ravens
Oh how the mighty have fallen, Baltimore wants this win, Cincinnati needs it.

Winner: Cincinnati

Lions at Bears
Jay Cutler could/should be back for this game, but Chicago's defense just isn't there right now for some reason. I think Detroit wins and it won't even come down to the last minute this week.

Winner: Detroit

4:05 PM ET
Panthers at 49ers
Tornado, meet volcano. If this game were a home game for Carolina I would take them. I think that they are very good this year and San Francisco is anything other than a juggernaut. However, I will stick with the 49ers at home.

Winner: San Francisco

4:25 PM ET
Texans at Cardinals
You heard about Case Keenum from me three weeks ago when I said that he would beat Kansas City, he damn near handed it to Indianapolis last week. With the unfortunate event with Gary Kubiak going into half time the team was unable to make halftime adjustments and never quite got their offensive play calling in order. I like Houston here with the upset.

Winner: Houston

Broncos at Chargers
Philip Rivers doesn't have to curse to win games, well Jack Del Rio does, so... Yeah, of course Denver gets a trip to sunny San Diego while head coach John Fox is recovering from successful surgery. Fox could return to the Broncos just in time for the average temperature to drop below freezing and Denver fighting for a playoff spot. I think that Peyton, Del Rio and Co. will do their best to make sure that they have the playoffs in the bag by that point. It starts this week.

Winner: Denver

8:30 PM ET
Cowboys at Saints
The 6-2 New Orleans Saints went 2-2 against the AFC East this season. That is pretty interesting. Dallas is 5-4 in the NFC East and only one game ahead of the Eagles. Losing this game risks a two-way tie in the NFC East. I think that in fact happens.

Winner: New Orleans

Monday, November 11th 8:40 PM ET
Dolphins at Buccaneers
Wow, Miami's a mess, but that didn't stop them from beating Cincinnati last Thursday night. I am not sure Tampa Bay is the team that causes them to take a deep look in the mirror in Week Ten either.

Winner: Miami

In all of Yahoo Pick'em leagues 99 correct guesses are the absolute most anyone has gotten correct. Well, we have four teams in the MHR Pick'em that have over 90 wins. Broncs Cheer leads the way with 92 correct picks. Bad Football Pun has 91 correct, birddog and RossiyaBronco both have 90. That's pretty impressive guys... Check out the full leader board here.