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Early Games Open Thread: Horse Tracks

WARNING: Video contains foul language.
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Not a whole lot of interesting games out there this morning. Even though, we'll persevere until the biggest matchup of the week for us, the Denver Broncos travelling to Arrowhead Stadium to face the Kansas City Chiefs. In case your cockiness kicks in, the Broncos own a 2-18 record in Kansas City during the month of December. That's two wins in 53 years. You can thank Josh McDaniels for the last one and John Elway for the other in a revenge game in 1994 against Joe Montana for that Monday Night Football shootout earlier that season.

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Even if the Arizona offense goes off, Nick Foles will be able to match every one of their scores.-Bold Statement from Ian Henson

The biggest game this morning has to be the matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles. Everyone is buying stock in the Eagles now, but the Cardinals are quietly trying to find a way into the playoffs. Unlike the Eagles, they are actually winning games against good teams while being in the best division in football no less. I'm about 50-50 on this matchup, but I've been burned by the Cardinals a lot in recent weeks. Time to roll the dice and take them for a change.

Other potentially interesting games this morning would be to see how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play against a legitimate contender in the Carolina Panthers. From there, the divisional matchup between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins might be interesting if good Geno Smith shows up instead of bad Geno Smith.

Horse Tracks