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Homicide at Arrowhead Stadium may have been a robbery gone bad

Kansas City police arrested two suspects following a homicide outside Arrowhead Stadium Sunday, according to a police department official, but later reports indicate the death was due to an attempted robbery.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Update 7:00 p.m. MT - The incident was not related to the game, according to KCTV 5, but an attempted robbery gone wrong.

Police sources tell KCTV5 that a man and his son had gone to their vehicle during the game. When they arrived, they found another man rifling through the vehicle and a fight broke out. The man who apparently did not belong in the vehicle died.

Our original story is below.

Police arrested two people outside Arrowhead Stadium Sunday night for an apparent homicide, Kansas City police chief Darryl Forte wrote on Twitter.

Less than an hour earlier, the Chiefs had fallen to the rival Broncos in a shootout, 28-35. Police were reportedly sent to Parking Lot A to investigate.

No information on the victim or suspects, or the fan affiliations of anyone involved, has been reported. It would be incredibly heartbreaking to learn that the outcome of the game - a game - could have resulted in such a terrible act and the loss of life. I know the overwhelming majority of both Broncos and Chiefs fans feel the same.

We will have updates as more information becomes available.