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Broncos 20, Charger 27: Instant Reactions

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PHILIP, yes, PHILIP (not Phyllis) Rivers beat Peyton Manning at his own game!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I knew it. I EFFING KNEW IT!
"I have this sinking feeling that the Broncos will 100% lose tonight" ~ Big Pete
"no, Manning will throw 5 TDs" ~ almost everyone in Staff Chat Room
"no. Manning will throw 2 or maybe 3 TDs max tonight" ~ Big Pete
"STFU Pete" ~ almost everyone in the chat room

Ugh. This is gonna be an instant reaction from the gut. If I give you stats, they'll probably be wrong. If I give you sunshine and rainbows, somebody but me wrote this.

  • 17 points. 17 freaking points?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!
    "the Broncos always start slow and score 50 in the 2nd half" ~ a lot of people
    "That is no way to win" ~ Big Pete
    and 17 freaking points later, Big Pete is right. That is no freaking way to live. If you can't stop anyone, you can't win. If you have a great offense, someone will beat you and stop that offense. That's why the Patriots finished 18-1. They were the best offense ever, but it only takes 1 team on any given week to hold you and you will lose. Well, that's what this team looks like!

(Editor's note: the Broncos scored 20, but .... ah who am I kidding. - Monty)

Broncos 20, Chargers 27

  • "If you play good, you get more playing time" ~ JDR
    How's that treating you Jack? Huh? You're messing with a defense that got the Broncos to 10-2 and it's costing you! You know why you aren't USC's head coach? It's because you are stubborn to a fault! You are quick to pull starters and slow to yank backups who are in over their heads. Do you know what the worst part about you not being USC's head coach? It's that you will be our defensive coordinator for another year! (actually, I like JDR. I'm just frustrated!)
  • Champ, yeah, you, over there standing on the sideline in the coat! What are you doing? You are single handedly screwing over our defense! You know why? Because you are too proud/stubborn to admit that your season is over! Look, I love you. You are the best cornerback since Deion, but you are not only costing us YOUR roster spot, you are forcing rookies to play when they aren't ready to play!

    If you would just admit that you are done for the year, we could pick up much needed help at your position. We won't cut Webster cause he has upside. We won't cut Boldin because he has upside. But because you are too darn proud to either retire or go on IR, you are making Webster look like a fool, Boldin look like a fool, and you are keeping potential help off of our roster. You and you alone are costing the Broncos 3 valuable roster spots (yours and 2 rookies who shouldn't be starting/playing tons of snaps). It is time to stop being prideful, stop being stubborn, and admit that your foot is going to force you to retire or go on IR. you'll still get a ring if we win the superbowl, but with you hogging a roster spot, that ring will once again slip through your fingers! It's time to channel your inner Utilitarianism self. Do what's better for the whole even if it means you have to give up your own selfish desires!
  • While I'm on the Champ subject, have you ever seen a worse corner than Webster? What is with his tweet earlier saying "why settle for mediocre when you can be the best" or something along those lines? If I were you, I'd grab that "mediocre" tag and run with it, because as it stands, all any QB has to do is scan the field and find whoever you are covering. Throwing against you is like hitting a T-ball. It's just too damn easy! I could dig up my dead grandma, and she would be able to cover WRs better than you! Will this make you mad? I SURE HOPE SO! Cause you apparently need SOMETHING to light a damn fire under your ass, cause playing in the NFL and getting torched each and every damn snap sure as hell isn't getting it done!
  • "We don't need this win" says a lot of people. Well, how is a trip to Foxborough in January feeling, cause that's exactly what the Broncos have staring them in the face. Yes, this "ho hum" game just cost us the #1 seed and a fun trip away from Denver. Spit out all the "the number 1 seed hasn't won the SB in like 2 whole years" stats you want. The plain and simple fact is that a home game is better than an away game, and this game just cost the Broncos said home game! Way to go players and coaching staff. Way to dramatically decrease your chances. Oh, you say you want New England at home because they don't have Gronk? Well, without Gronk, they are still better than the Charger who JUST KICKED OUR ASSES!! AT HOME!!!! So sell that weak sauce to someone else, because this guy isn't buying it!
  • Finally, If anyone has the Broncos listed in the top 5 of the completely irrelevant Power Rankings, I'm calling shenanigans! We are a fraud. Think we aren't? Name a playoff caliber team we've beaten? Please, name any playoff caliber team we've beaten! Don't name the Chiefs, because they are bigger frauds than we are and we all know that! So please, humor me and tell me a single solitary team that we have beaten in the regular season that will make the playoffs? And again, WE JUST LOST TO A NON-PLAYOFF TEAM AT HOME!!! OUR LAST HOME GAME OF THE REGULAR SEASON!!! FOR SHAME!!!! Mark my words, we CAN NOT win the super bowl with this defense. We simply can't! This defense looks worse than the 2008 defense! Injuries? Yep, we have them, but guess what? We'll probably have them in January! Know what if's and but's get you? They get you front row seats in your living room to watch Seattle and New England in the Super Bowl!!!! If we don't shore up our D, there will be no time left for the Broncos to get healthy in the playoffs. Moore, Champ, Woodyard, Vick, yep, they'll be great for us, NEXT YEAR! They won't be here this year if we can't get out of our first game in the playoffs, and with how this defense is playing, we are looking at just that type of playoff exit.

Sorry for being so pessimistic, but this is unacceptable and something that all realistic fans saw coming. It's time for a big ass bucket of ice water to the face of each and every Broncos player/coach. I just pray that this game is just that sort of bucket of ice water. And lets not forget that the Patriots have a better record without Gronk than with Gronk, so don't let him being injured lead you into a false sense of security! :mic drop: Pete out!