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Report: Broncos fear Von Miller might have an ACL injury

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The Denver Post is reporting that the Broncos think Von Miller might have suffered an ACL injury that would all but end his season.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Von Miller has torn his ACL and is done for the 2013 season.

The Broncos' strongside linebacker left early in the game Sunday against the Houston Texans with a knee injury. He will have an magnetic resonance imaging exam among other tests Monday to determine the extent of the injury

There is fear Miller suffered an injury to his anterior cruciate ligament, which would end his season. There also is hope tests will reveal his injury won't be that severe and he might be able to brace up for the playoffs.

Von was injured when he was being blocked at the LOS.  He planted and he went down right away, the knee was not contacted at all.

Broncos fans, don't jump to any conclusions just yet.  The MSM has latched onto this report despite there being no real definitive change from what was being reported earlier.  It may very well be an ACL, but that remains to be seen.

My gut tells me that if it is season ending, Shaun Phillips take his spot with a rotation of Mincey, Ayers, and Jackson at the two end spots.  In hindsight, it might have been a bad idea for him to gain that extra weight.


So just as I speculated earlier this was nothing more than headline whoring by Mike Klis which was lazily latched onto by the MSM.  It appears as if disaster has been avoided.  We will see tomorrow of course, but it seems like the earlier reports are incorrect and Von Miller indeed has a sprain.  The extent of which will be clarified by the MRI.  Score one for the good guys.