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MHR's NFL Week Seventeen Picks

Keeping current with your MHR Pick'em predictions?

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I asked the question last week, whether it was the games getting easier to pick or whether we were just getting better? Well, by Week 17, I hope that it is a little of both.

Sunday, December 29th 1:00 PM ET
Browns at Steelers
If you have made it this far in my picks, you know that I have been in love with Cleveland. If certain things had gone different ways, I think that the Browns could have been right up in here with the best in the AFC. This isn't one of those weeks, Pittsburgh needs one hell of a hail mary to make the playoffs, but under no circumstances does that involve losing this week.

Winner: Pittsburgh

Redskins at Giants
I fully expect Kirk Cousins to go off, I also fully expect Mike Shanahan to get another season. This game really only decides draft position though... I'll take New York though..

Winner: New York

Ravens at Bengals
This one is fun, Baltimore has to win to get into the playoffs, if Cincinnati wins they could possibly become the second team in the AFC and earn a bye. The Ravens were an imposter last season, they made it work, but no amount of antler spray is going to help them this season.

Winner: Cincinnati

Texans at Titans
This one is for pride, I just think that Wade Phillips completes his terrible tenure as Houston's interim head coach.

Winner: Tennessee

Jaguars at Colts
Indianapolis, like Cincinnati needs to win to possibly get better positioning in the playoffs (AKA no one wants to play Denver at home). The Colts will not lose to Jacksonville under any circumstances.

Winner: Indianapolis

Jets at Dolphins
It has been said in the mainstream media that Rex Ryan is safe no matter what happens this season, guess what Rex Ryan does when he is safe? He loses. Miami currently owns the sixth seed in the AFC Playoffs, the only way that they lose that is if they lose.

Winner: Miami

Lions at Vikings
Adrian Peterson has been ruled out, successfully killing any interest in this game what-so-ever.

Winner: Detroit

Panthers at Falcons
Carolina is going to be the Cinderella team throughout the playoffs. They can't be that unless they beat Atlanta here, the Panthers can't rest any starters.

Winner: Carolina

4:25 PM ET
Buccaneers at Saints
By this point I fully expect New Orleans to know that they can't take the second seed in the NFC playoffs, but they have to keep the fifth seed. Tampa Bay is going to get a smack down, the Saints have to win so I have to take them.

Winner: New Orleans

Bills at Patriots
New England has to win, but for Buffalo the game is meaningless... So I fully expect the Bills to win this one.

Winner: Buffalo

Rams at Seahawks
St. Louis is nothing if not a spoiler, I can imagine nothing more of a spoiler than them coming in and beating Seattle at home. Which is my upset of the week. They'll do it here.

Winner: St. Louis

Packers at Bears
Aaron Rodgers is back and just in time to get Green Bay into the playoffs. He will do just that, he better.

Winner: Green Bay

49ers at Cardinals
Arizona is playing to get into the playoffs, San Francisco is playing to get a first round bye. The Cardinals defense is playing lights out. I like whatever it is that they have cooked up for the 49ers.

Winner: Arizona

Broncos at Raiders
Denver has a ton of records at stake, a lot of them are attainable against Oakland. I fully expect them to earn them all and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Winner: Denver

Chiefs at Chargers
Seven weeks ago I predicted Kansas City to be lucky to win two games for the rest of the season. They have won two games since then. They will lose this one too. Man would I love to see San Diego in the playoffs so that those fans have nothing to say at the end of the year.

Winner: San Diego

8:30 PM ET
Eagles at Cowboys
Kyle Orton! That man is the one that can get Dallas into the playoffs, all of you doubters don't deserve any credit at all. You can't touch fire though Nick Foles and this whole Philadelphia offense is on fire.

Winner: Philadelphia

As for the MHR league?

RossiyaBronco has 158 wins, Broncos Cheer has puled within one win at 157 making a very late season run. MHR Staffer Big Pete is in a three-way tie for third at 153 total points with The Wolfman Cometh and Bad Football Pun taking the other two shares of third.