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2013 Denver Broncos Record Tracker

Keep up where the 2013 Denver Broncos stand on the records that they have within reach through Week 17.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Click here to read a list of all the records the Broncos broke in 2013.

We will keep this post updated throughout the game to show you where the Denver Broncos stand on beating several records that the New England Patriots set while cheating were set semi recently and several that have stood for a very long time.

Most Offensive Points in a Season - BROKEN

Record held by: New England Patriots 589 (2007)
Denver Broncos have 596

Where Denver stands: 596

Passing Yards Gained - BROKEN

Record held by: Drew Brees 5,476 (2011)
Peyton Manning has 5,211 prior to the game against the Oakland Raiders.

Where Manning stands: 5,477. The record has been broken!

Most Touchdown PassesBROKEN

Record held by: Tom Brady 50 (2007)
Peyton Manning has 54

Where Manning stands: 55 touchdowns

Most Games, Four or More Touchdown Passes - BROKEN

Record held by: Dan Marino 6 (1984), Peyton Manning 6 (2004)
Peyton Manning has 8

Where Manning stands: this record has been broken

Most 400-Yard Passing Games
Record held by: Dan Marino 4 (1984)
Peyton Manning has 4

Where Manning stands: needs 134 yards

Most 300-Yard Passing Games
Record held by: Drew Brees 13 (2011)
Peyton Manning has 12

Where Manning stands: needs 34 yards.

Most Points Per Game (Minimum 10 Games)
Record held by: Los Angeles Rams 38.83 (466 points) (1950)
Denver Broncos average 38.1

Where Denver stands: Broncos need 26 points