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Broncos, Manning rout Raiders 34-14 to win AFC's top seed

Ezra Shaw

The Denver Broncos' main objective was to win the game. Lock up the first seed in the playoffs.

Broncos 34, Raiders 14. Done and done.

Their other objectives - mostly unspoken - were to destroy NFL records. They achieved that by the end of the first half.

Peyton Manning threw Touchdown Passes Number 52, 53, 54, and 55 on Sunday, extending the NFL record he broke last week. Then he capped off his half of football by breaking the NFL passing yards record by one yard, reaching 5,477 yards on the season.

Manning's efficiency was better than he's ever been. Manning went 25 of 28 for 266 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions. That 25/28 (89.3%) mark was the highest completion percentage of his career with at least seven passes thrown.

The first half matchup between the Broncos and the Raiders was a comedy of talent gap. In five drives, the Broncos scored four touchdowns and kicked a field goal. The Raiders punted in four of their five drives (not counting the kneel-down to end the half) - the other drive ended in a fumble. Demaryius Thomas hauled in two Manning touchdowns, while Knowshon Moreno and Eric Decker snagged one apiece in an electrifying first half that capped off Manning's record-breaking season.

Up 31-0 at the half, it was Brock Osweiler the rest of the way. Throwing mostly checkdowns and executing a mile the clock running game, the Broncos cruised to a comfortable 34-14 victory. The Raiders didn't score until there were 5 minutes left in the game, adding two garbage time touchdowns when the Broncos were more interested in escaping healthy.