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Peyton Manning sets single season passing yards record

With a 5-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas (that extended his own record for passing touchdowns in a season to 55), Peyton Manning broke Drew Brees single season passing record of 5,476 yards.

Ezra Shaw

Manning has been downright surgical completing close to 90% of his passes in the first half against the Raiders.  At halftime he sits at exactly 266 passing yards or 5,477 yards on the season.  With 31 points the Broncos also set the NFL record for most points in a season.  They are the first team in NFL history to score 600 points.

There is an outside shot the Broncos would break the points per game average held by the 1950 Rams (38.8 per game), but they would need to score at least 50 points against the Raiders.

Not much left to accomplish, the game is in hand.  Peyton can extend his own record for most 300-yard passing games in a single season, he has already extended his record for most 4 touchdown games in a single season.

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