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Derek Wolfe says he is "doing much better" after weekend in hospital

After an alarming medical scare this weekend, Broncos second-year defensive end Derek Wolfe is out of the hospital.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a scary weekend for Broncos second-year defensive end Derek Wolfe.

After experiencing seizure-like symptoms on the team bus Friday, Wolfe was hospitalized over the weekend and missed Denver's Week 13 game against Kansas City. He has since returned to Denver and is being evaluated by Broncos trainers, according to head coach John Fox.

"They’re still running tests," Fox said. "He's out of the hospital. He's actually in with [Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos] ‘Greek’ right now. I think they’re still trying to get a handle on what happened and compare it. I’m not saying it’s nearly the same, but some of the same things we went through with [former Broncos CB] Tracy Porter a year ago. This is [according to] the medical people."

Then this morning, Wolfe took to Twitter, thanking fans for their support and saying he is "doing much better."

Still, it may be awhile before Wolfe sees the football field again. "Right now we’re not thinking about his availability or any of that stuff," Fox continued Monday. "We’re just concerned about his health, and medical people are working through that as we speak."

No rush to exert your body to its physical limits when it is misbehaving and reacting in ways medical personnel cannot understand (or, at least, won't shed light on). The best practice here for Broncos fans is patience. Continued best wishes to Derek Wolfe!