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Cleveland Browns have inquired to interview Broncos' Adam Gase for head coach

When an offense scores 606 points, the offensive coordinator is going to be a pretty popular guy.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Browns have formally inquired to interview Gase, according to the Denver Post. Gase, however, says he would prefer to wait to interview with teams until after Denver's playoff run. See the original story below:

Black Monday is upon us, and while firings are just starting, the interview requests are pouring in. Not surprisingly, Denver's top coordinators have been hot candidates.

We learned earlier this morning that after firing head coach Leslie Frazier, the Minnesota Vikings have shown interest in Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio and offensive coordinator Adam Gase. Del Rio has head coaching experience and went 3-1 as interim head coach in John Fox's absence this season. Gase has been in charge of Denver's record-shattering offense and has been quarterback Peyton Manning's go-to-guy in Denver.

Another team with a vacant head coaching position has now entered the mix. After firing Rob Chudzinski, the Cleveland Browns have inquired about Gase, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

Gase is expected to be a very hot candidate as he is well-regarded across the NFL.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Del Rio and Gase can begin interviewing with team's during the team's playoff bye week. A date to watch for interviews is Sunday, January 5.

Gase, who has been with Denver for the past five seasons, has just completed his first regular season as an offensive coordinator. If both Del Rio and Gase do end up moving on with head coaching positions elsewhere, they would mark the third and fourth coordinators Denver has lost to promotions since John Elway arrived as Football V.P.