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Report: Broncos' Adam Gase will not interview for head coach jobs during playoffs

Wise beyond his years, indeed.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase is one of the hottest names making the NFL circles this Black Monday. The Minnesota Vikings have already reportedly expressed interest, and the Cleveland Browns have inquired about interviewing Gase as well.

Gase can interview for these head coach openings as early as this week, since the Broncos are on a playoff bye. But, according to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, he is choosing not to until after Denver's playoff run.

Update: That is not likely to change, as Gase has spoken with the Denver Post and announced he turned down the Browns interview request.

"I'm appreciative of the interest I've received, but I've decided not to explore any potential opportunities until after our season concludes," Gase said. "My complete focus is helping our team prepare for our divisional playoff game."

Last year, Mike McCoy interviewed for four head coach opportunities before the Broncos played the Ravens in the divisional round. Many fans questioned whether McCoy's attention was adequately focused on the task at hand as he was being wooed by NFL teams; at least for now, it appears there will be no such concerns with Gase.

I truly find this information remarkable. It shows great wisdom and loyalty on the part of Gase. Anyone questioning Gase's experience or age can look at this as an example of why he's a hot name name in the head coaching circles in the first place - he exceeds expectations.

Wise beyond his years, indeed. Hopefully Jack Del Rio follows suit.

It's a new season, after all.