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MHR Radio Podcast 2.18 | with Avery Schlereth

Kyle's out, so once again Ms. Schlereth steps in, this time hilarity ensues.

Avery Schlereth joins our 18th episode.
Avery Schlereth joins our 18th episode.

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Denver emerges 3-1 from what we dubbed as the toughest stretch of their 2013 schedule. All of this without their head coach and minus a key player here and there. Now head coach John Fox is back, Champ Bailey is back to some degree and who taught Eric Decker to do that?

That is not the most exciting thing around here though, that is of course that Avery Schlereth came back to the podcast to talk Denver Broncos and what happens in the second half of the show is simply amazing. Avery and Danh Hoang reenact the Peyton Manning/Ron Burgundy interview. Probably our finest moment here on the MHR Radio Podcast.

Here were our topics of the day:

  • Broncos vs. Chiefs wrap-up.
  • Champ Bailey's return.
  • Missing Derek Wolfe.
  • Eric Decker 174 yards, four touchdowns.
  • Knowshon Moreno's crocodile tears.
  • Von Miller's historic bad games against the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • PFF Grades:
    Peyton Manning gets his swagger back
    Duke Ihenacho
    Knowshon Moreno & Montee Ball
    Malik Jackson
  • Avery's Creepy Twitter Follower story.
  • We predict which AFC & NFC team currently in the playoffs won't be in the playoffs when the playoffs come.
  • We reenact the Peyton Manning & Ron Burgundy interview.
  • And finally, we preview the Tennessee Titans.

Be sure to follow the lovely Avery Schlereth on Twitter and a big hand for her stepping in as Ron Burgundy at the last minute with Will Ferrell canceled at the last minute.