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MHR's NFL Week Fourteen Picks

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Keeping current with your MHR Pick'em predictions?

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I was relatively triumphant last week, only missed on three games (and one was Pittsburgh, judge me). Let me see how we can do this week:

Thursday, December 5th 8:25 PM ET
Texans at Jaguars
What a conundrum this must be for Houston. On one hand neither the coach nor the players want to lose, but I am guessing that no one in the front office would be upset about having the first pick at this point. Jacksonville is in my opinion clearly the worse team here. The Texans have turned in good performances against good teams. They just haven't won those games.

Winner: Texans

Sunday, December 8th 1:00 PM ET
Colts at Bengals
Well... I would say that this is a possible playoff preview, but it's not. Neither of these two teams will play each other in the playoffs unless something goes very different and they meet in the AFC Championship game. I would justify picking Cincinnati based on the defense, but I think that the Bengals will win this one on offense. Their defense is going to be good against Indianapolis regardless.

Winner: Cincinnati

Browns at Patriots
My upset of the week. I am going with Cleveland for a few reason, I have picked the Browns for quite a few upsets so far this season. They have yet to come through for me. They just lost a game that they absolutely should have won last week though. This week is their Super Bowl. Their defense matches up very well against nearly everyone and Joe Haden is a top three corner. I wonder who they will have him over? I am insane, I will take Cleveland regardless of the line.

Winner: Cleveland

Raiders at Jets
What is up with every rookie quarterback this season except the one that probably should be (Geno Smith) being pretty dang talented? Oakland's Matt McGloin is no exception. McGloin to Rod Streeter is all day and it looks like Darren McFadden is going to get a full workload here. New York's playoff chances are gone as it is, as are the Raiders' hopes.

Winner: Oakland

Chiefs at Redskins
I would love to take Washington in this game, but I seriously doubt that the Redskins can do it. I did predict just prior to Week Ten that I would be surprised to see Kansas City win two more games for the rest of the season. They are 0-3 since. This is probably one of those games that they win though.

Winner: Kansas City

Vikings at Ravens
Minnesota has played to overtime the last two weeks, last gasps of a sinking coaching staff. Baltimore has to win though, they pretty much have to win out for the rest of the season to keep up for that sixth seed in the AFC Playoffs. I don't think that the Ravens will have an issue at home against the Vikings.

Winner: Baltimore

Falcons at Packers
At the beginning of the season, the NFL schedule makers were probably licking their chops placing this game in Week Fourteen. All for nothing though, Atlanta is circling the bottom of the toilet bowl and Aaron Rodgers may not come back for the rest of the season. Green Bay does have a dim hope of making the playoffs still and that should be all that Matt Flynn and Co. need at home.

Winner: Green Bay

Bills at Buccaneers
The fact that this game is in Tampa Bay at this time of the year and not in Buffalo is probably the only proof of divinity that either team needs. I've pick Buffalo in quite a few upsets this season. I don't think that they have pulled a single one off yet. The Buccaneers are the favorites here, strictly because they are the home team. My rule this season is AFC wins. For that I will take the Bills.

Winner: Buffalo

Dolphins at Steelers
This could possibly be the AFC Game of the Week. Miami currently sits in 7th place in the AFC, Pittsburgh 9th. The Dolphins should be aiming for the head and can kill any and all hopes that the Steelers have of making the playoffs. Pittsburgh can win and with a likely loss by Tennessee take the 7th seed themselves. Who do we take? I'll side with history, that means Pittsburgh.

Winner: Pittsburgh

Lions at Eagles
I mentioned the AFC Game of the Week, well this would be the NFC Game of the Week (yes, I know that New Orleans and Carolina play Sunday night and Seattle and San Francisco play Sunday afternoon). Detroit is currently 3rd in the NFC and Philadelphia is 7th. I feel like the Lions have no place being there at all. They have consistently folded in games that they needed to win this season. They won't be able to handle the Eagles.

Winner: Philadelphia

4:05 PM ET
Titans at Broncos
While recording MHR Radio Podcast on Tuesday we struggled to come up with much about Tennessee off the top of our heads. Let's hope that Denver isn't over looking the Titans as bad as I did. The Broncos will get a bit of a taste of what it is like to be Kansas City for a bit though. Ryan Fitzpatrick is fun to watch though, this game is going to be cold and the Broncos are going to mop the floor with the AFC's current 8th seed. This would create a way for San Diego to walk in through the back door to the playoffs. I am all for that.

Winner: Denver

4:25 PM ET
Rams at Cardinals
I blinked and Arizona is a pretty good team, St. Louis is actually getting better on the back of Zac Stacy. The Cardinals must win in order to keep pace with the Eagles though and I like them at home, despite the strength of the Rams defense.

Winner: Arizona

Seahawks at 49ers
I know that Seattle is America's darling right now after dominating New Orleans, but I just don't know. I really like San Francisco at home in this one. The Seahawks can't make every game a battle from here on out and remain healthy for the playoffs. Here is a list of teams that Seattle have beaten by five points or less: Carolina, Houston, St. Louis and Tampa Bay. They also lost to the Colts if you will remember. Yet, they are Week 13 Super Bowl Champions for beating a team in New Orleans that lost earlier this season to the New York Jets... Huh, okay.

Winner: San Francisco

Giants at Chargers
If San Diego had any type of home field advantage, I would love to take them in this one. The Chargers can get scrappy and jump some spots in the AFC Playoff seeding. I just know that when the season is on the line, San Diego buckles. Maybe the season on the line quite yet though. Eli Manning could have been playing for the Chargers instead of the Giants in this game.

Winner: San Diego

8:30 PM ET
Panthers at Saints
Excellent Sunday night game, upstart Carolina versus scorn and embarrassed New Orleans. The Saints hard spiral down will not end in Week 14 and it is going to cost them first place in the NFC South. They will be fine though, they've been through worse.

Winner: Carolina

Monday, December 9th 8:40 PM ET
Cowboys at Bears
Chicago could be doing Philadelphia a major solid in this one. Dallas is and has been and will continue to be a mess until they and maybe even if they get a general manager. The NFC East is the laughing stock of the NFL and the Cowboys have a lot to do with that. They don't have the juice to keep up with this one, regardless of whether or not Jay Cutler plays. In fact, I think that I like the Bears chances more if Cutler doesn't play.

Winner: Chicago

In the MHR Pick'em League Broncos Cheer continues their four game lead domination, RossiyaBronco holds solo in second with 126 total points, Bad Football Pun owns third with 125 points, Smiling Assassins has fourth with 123 and Man Eating Squirrels and frankencrank are tied in fifth with 121 total points.

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