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Nine Players Work Out for the Broncos

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The scary prospect of the offseason is quickly approaching, the Broncos are preparing for just that.

Nine players worked out Wednesday for the Denver Broncos.
Nine players worked out Wednesday for the Denver Broncos.

The Baltimore Sun and National Football Post's Aaron Wilson released a few notes in a spurt of Tweets last night:

Don't recognize any of those names? Here is a positional breakdown for you:

  • Derrius Brooks - CB (R - Western Kentucky)
  • Marcus Burley - CB (R - Delaware)
  • Julius Gregory - WR (R - Shaw)
  • Marquis Jackson - DE (R Portland State)
  • Kamar Jordan - WR (R Bowling Green State)
  • Earl Okine - DE (R Florida)
  • Brandon Thompkins - WR (1 Arkansas State)
  • Greg Wilson - WR (R Fordham)
  • Ridge Wilson - OLB (R West Alabama)

Now don't read too much into this, workouts happen all of the time and most don't go reported. NFL teams are allowed to sign players to future contracts as soon as the regular season ends. Given the experience of most of these players (and if you care to do further research you will see some guys with Arena Football and CFL experience on this list and some that were on scout teams this season), it looks like that is exactly what is taking place.

Either way, it is news and we are nothing here at Mile High Report if not a news site. Wink, nod. Also, thank you to Andrew Mason for some extra information provided here. If you don't follow him on Twitter already, shame on you and correct that immediately right here.