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Week 14 Early Games Open Thread: Horse Tracks

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For a change, there are a slew of really interesting matchups this week. The marquee early games would have to be the Indianapolis Colts travelling to face the Cincinnati Bengals in a game that has major AFC playoff implications, while in the NFC there is another game with pretty big implications for that playoff race with the Detroit Lions going on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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[The Lions] have consistently folded in games that they needed to win this season. They won't be able to handle the Eagles.-Ian Henson

MHR's own Ian Henson called it right last week with the Eagles over the Cardinals, so I better go with his assessment. It helps that I agree with him 100% on the Lions. The Colts on the other hand have been lucky to win any games over the last month based on how they have collectively played. The Bengals are rolling and should run away with this one, but never count Andrew Luck out. He seems to rise to the occasion against quality opponents.

There are a couple of division games we should keep an eye on. We'll be pulling for the Oakland Raiders to lose to the New York Jets, but Geno Smith has been the worst quarterback in NFL history for about six weeks now, so who knows.  And of course, it would be pure awesomeness to see the Kansas City Chiefs drop a fourth straight game against Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins.

Horse Tracks