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Wes Welker suffers 2nd concussion of season, likely out against San Diego

On yet another routine play up the middle, Wes Welker was hit by Bernard Pollard which bent his neck bent awkwardly and caused his 2nd concussion of the season.

Dustin Bradford

The Broncos have a very short turnaround with a Thursday Night home game here in Denver against the Chargers.  This coupled with the fact that Wes has suffered his 2nd concussion of the season makes it a snowball's chance that he will play on Thursday.

We have to be careful going forward.  With the protocol on concussions in today's game, another one could probably threaten the rest of his season.

We'll keep you updated on all the injury news as it comes out, though the Broncos seemed to have caught a bit of a break with nothing else serious to report.