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McCoy: We're going to beat Denver on Thursday night

Chargers head coach Mike McCoy sends the first shots this week.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator and current San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy had this to say in his post game press conference following the Chargers 37-14 rout of the New York Giants:

"We're going to beat Denver on Thursday night, not play close."

Okay then... Best of luck with that coach. How many points are you expecting to put up on a team that has piled on over fifty points in three of their thirteen games this season? A team with a 170+ point differential.

Denver clinched the playoffs Sunday and needs only two more wins to ensure at least the second seed in the AFC Playoffs. I cannot imagine that the Broncos are expecting anything less of an outcome when the Chargers come to Denver this Thursday.

This quote will go about as well for San Diego as Shonn Greene giving the Mile High Salute after scoring in the first quarter in the Tennessee Titans game.

[Source at 04:55.]