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Wesley Woodyard demoted?

We have some interesting things coming from Dove Valley concerning Wesley Woodyard

Justin Edmonds

Woodyard played only 10/50 snaps yesterday against the Titans. So lets follow the train of thought. Fox says other guys are getting opportunities, Vic Lombardi is taking a bit further and speculating that perhaps the lack of playing time has something to do with a demotion.

My Take

Wesley Woodyard is infinitely more talented than Paris Lenon, younger, and more athletic. Then again yesterday we had Omar Bolden playing most of the game in centerfield, and costing the Broncos points on badly played coverage and poor tackling angles. No reason for Bolden to have extended playing time, no reason for Lenon to have extended playing time, they simply are a liability and make our defense worse.

There is some thought out there that Fox used this as an opportunity to rest some guys and get the JV squad some playing time, since you never know when you might need them to step up. That seems to make more sense than a possible demotion. I say kudos to Fox and company if that is the reason.

If it was as Phil Simms referred to as "resting up" during the broadcast, that seems to make the most sense even if the injury is not a big issue at the moment. You do not want to detract from the snaps the other guys took by saying they were in there due to injury. Other guys get some playing time and core starters get a bit of rest after a very physical and injury riddled season, win win.

In the end Broncos Country, my own opinion is that this is all smoke and no fire. Put down the conspiracy pipe for a moment and think through things clearly.

What are your thoughts Mile High Report?


Vic was right, WW was upset, but the Broncos are giving him some rest in order for a playoff run. We'll see how it all ultimately plays out, all signs seem to indicate the Broncos are now in a playoff mindset.