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2012 NFL Draft Coverage: MHR Draftivus is Back!

For those new to MHR, Draftivus is where we celebrate the NFL Draft for the rest of us. .

Draftivus is back!

I know. I know. MHR has already started the Draft coverage. Well, this is just the official announcement that the Draftivus season has begun. We have kicked off our scouting reports and are preparing to kick off the contests, as well. Here's your official notice.

What is Draftivus?

For those unfamiliar with Draftivus, it's a Draft for the rest of us. Many NFL fans pack it in once the Super Bowl is over. Not us. We celebrate the NFL season, year round. Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have their fancy touch screens where they move prospects around in a fairly showy and extravagant waste of technology, but at MHR, we have Draftivus!!! Draftivus has been celebrated since the dawn of man, or at least since the advent of the common draft. It's a celebration of renewal and plentitude. A chance to look to the future, and its hallmarks are insight and optimism.

Draftivus is a time of giving. Here are some gifts that I'll give to you. They are links to help you get in the correct mindset for the Draft. It's an MHR crash course in scouting. Trust me. Read carefully.

Analyzing Prospects
Analyzing Defensive Backs
Analyzing Offensive Linemen
Analyzing Running Backs
Analyzing Wide Receivers
Analyzing Tight Ends
Analyzing Linebackers
Analyzing Defensive Linemen
Analyzing Quarterbacks
2013 Denver Broncos Short Board

There's my Draftivus gift to you.


Draftivus isn't all about giving, though. It's about GETTING!!!

We all hope to GET a handful of starters in the draft or GET some positional needs filled or GET some depth in a particular area. We hope to GET football players that will put the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl this coming season and in years to follow.

For you, as a most revered member of MHR, it is your chance to GET some cool S.T.Y.G.S.T.U.F.F. What is STYGSTUFF, you ask? Well, "Styg" was an old wooden ship from the Civil War Era. Or was that something else? Yes! It was. STYGSTUFF stands for "Stuff That You Get Sent To U For Free", a term coined by a brilliant MHR member (kentuckybronco) from a few years ago. It's much better than the term "SWAG", which stands for "Stuff We All Get". STYGSTUFF is much more exclusive. Not everybody gets this stuff. You have to be the best of the best to win STYGSTUFF.

So, STYGSTUFF... how do you win it? Simple. Win a contest.

Spoilers... Without giving away too much (since the draft is 2 and a half months away), it involves sending in your predictions for the entire first round of the NFL Draft. If your predictions are close, you win a sweet prize and bragging rights over your MHR brethren.

So get your mocks ready!

It's another Draftivus miracle!