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Quest for Super Bowl XLVIII: Who will fill these roles on the team?

"Find your 7" is an SB Nation idea for each blog to identify the player that will fit these roles---It's up to us to decide who fills them so here's what I came up with!


"The Brain" starring

Peyton "Freaking" Manning

There's no denying it, Peyton is the nuts and bolts that makes our offense tick. All the flapping, the gyrations, they serve a purpose other than to indicate Mr. Manning might have a severe case of tourette's syndrome. He has forgotten more about football than you and I will probably ever know.

Of course (and this is just my idea) if you have "The Brain" you must have "Pinky" in order to take over the NFL world. And who better to play #18's sidekick than RB Ronnie Hillman? Huh, huh?

"The Enforcer" starring

Derek Wolfe

In year two, I want to see Wolfe wreak havoc on guards and centers. I want him him to grind their bones to make his bread....I want him to rip hearts out with his bare hands and stand over the vanquished as he chows down on bloody pieces of flesh....I want him to dish out pain and punishment to the extent that "slobberknocker" becomes part of Broncos Country vernacular....GET SOME!!! GET SOME!!!!!!

"The Technician" starring

Demaryius Thomas

That's right folks! Thomas had a breakout season improving his tactics and route running immensely....BUT he still has room to grow (crazy right?) I want this mofo running routes at night with a blindfold until they are all perfect, in fact I want "The Brain" throwing to him at night with a blindfold until they are on the same page. He becomes the technician and he will put up numbers that rival some of the greatest single season records from past WR's, book it!

"The Loose Cannon" starring

Von Miller

I want the most talented player on defense to step up into that leadership role and become what Al Wilson was way back when. The heart and soul of your defense doesn't have to be the Mike, how about a guy that eats the failure of QB's for breakfast and washes it all down with the sweet taste of their tears? Also from a role perspective, I want to see JDR and co. find different spots on the field from which to unleash the beast. Eat greedy my friend!

"The Motivator" starring

Coach John Fox

Threw you a curveball there amirite? Look, fame, millions of dollars, success, someone has to keep it all in perspective and that job absolutely has to fall on John Fox. I want him to keep these guys hungry all season. When they get too high on themselves, I want him to pull out the gamefilm from the Baltimore playoff loss just to rip open old wounds and rub salt in it. When they have their backs against the wall, I want him to remind them of San Diego and what this team can do when it plays together. Coach Fox needs to be the drummer that keeps these guys marching to the beat of "We WILL BE the Champions" all season long.

"The Muscle" starring

Orlando Franklin

Dude is a baller a straight up mauler, gets his hand in the ground, gonna go out and pound, yea! This is the guy who brings a nasty streak to our offensive line, and when things are tough in the trenches, I can think of no one better to bring the pain than the big "O".

"The Prankster" starring

Wesley Woodyard

The video speaks for itself!

Go Broncos!