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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 2/2/13

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Horse Tracks: Your Daily Cup of Orange and Blue!

Quinn Rooney

Q&A with Mark Schlereth caught up with former Bronco Mark Schlereth in New Orleans, the site of Super Bowl XLVII.

Leading Off: Breaking From the Super Bowl Script -
Normally by this point in Super Bowl week, the players have succeeded in turning their big media stage into a big nap.

2013 Super Bowl -- Mitch Ross never saw Ray Lewis use deer-antler spray - ESPN
The man who reportedly supplied Ray Lewis with deer-antler spray can't confirm the Baltimore Ravens linebacker ever used the stuff.

Matt Barkley of USC Trojans says draft stock shouldn't be affected by team's finish - ESPN Los Angeles
Matt Barkley doesn't believe the way he and USC finished last season should affect his stock in April's NFL draft.

The Super Bowl XLVII injury report has plenty of probables | ProFootballTalk
The final injury report of the season has been released and we aren’t going to be spending much time Sunday wondering if an injured player is able to make it onto the field.

Roger Goodell says agreement close on HGH testing - ESPN
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he believes there will be an agreement soon with the players' union for testing for human growth hormone. - Lewis overload has shrouded Super Bowl XLVII
Super Bowl XLVII will not be the grand finale and weeklong celebration of future NFL Hall of Fame LB Ray Lewis’ career that his fans and supporters hoped it would be, and I, for one, am glad

Denver Broncos Videos

Roger Goodell says agreement close on HGH testing - ESPN
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he believes there will be an agreement soon with the players' union for testing for human growth hormone.

Safety A Priority For NFL - ESPN Video - ESPN
In his State of the NFL news conference, commissioner Roger Goodell says the changes in the NFL is making the game safer as well as all sports.

Keeping Focused In "The Big Easy" - ESPN Video - ESPN
Prim Siripipat talks with players from both the Ravens and 49ers to find out how they are avoiding all the distractions of Super Bowl Week

The Word: The Future of the NFL - ESPN Video - ESPN
Jemele Hill and Ashley Fox join Prim Siripipat in New Orleans to discuss the future of the NFL.

Super Bowl Distractions - ESPN Video - ESPN
Lomas Brown discusses how to cope with the distractions leading up to the Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Denver Broncos' ticket prices increase for second consecutive year - The Denver Post - Mike Klis
Signs were there for the Broncos to raise ticket prices for a second consecutive season.

Manning-Peterson highlights big Saturday - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Saturday is an important day in the AFC West

NFL commish Roger Goodell answers critics, vows to "protect" players - The Denver Post - Jeff Legwold
Taking aim at his critics, particularly the NFL players and their union, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday he is committed to the health and safety of the league's players and that he will do what's necessary to "protect the integrity of our brand."

MVP in NFL: Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson, it's a two-horse race for 2012 season - The Denver Post - Mike Klis
Peyton or Peterson, Peterson or Peyton.

Division News

Strong free-agent options at wide receiver - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Potentially, one of the most stacked positions in upcoming free agency is wide receiver.

Chargers doctor under review, per rules of the CBA | ProFootballTalk
The NFLPA’s request that the Chargers’ team doctor be removed is currently in the middle of a review mechanism put in place under the rules of the CBA.

NFL News

Roger Goodell says suspensions will get through to repeat offenders | ProFootballTalk
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not backing down from his stance that players who repeatedly hit opponents in the head deserve to be suspended.

Goodell said things NFLPA asking for were news to him | ProFootballTalk
In case you wonder why the NFL and NFLPA have a hard time making progress on several issues, the answer might be as simple as a failure to communicate.

New York host committee wants more than one Super Bowl | ProFootballTalk
The New York/New Jersey Super Bowl host committe is embracing concerns about a cold weather game, with a snowflake in their official logo in the media center.

NFLPA still trying to challenge Goodell’s discipline power | ProFootballTalk
Being in New Orleans has made the NFLPA a little salty about the power NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wields over player discipline, and union officials say they want to try to challenge Goodell’s authority. - Goodell preaches improved safety at NFL address
Commissioner Roger Goodell used his annual state-of-the-league address to assure that the NFL is doing everything it can to improve player safety and healthy in the game on a number of fronts.

Roger Goodell says league studying playoff expansion -
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's annual state of the league address was largely focused on player health and safety, like so many NFL conversations this week.

Roger Goodell: NFL will look at eliminating certain low blocks -
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league will look at eliminating certain low blocks and improve the quality of playing fields as part of a program to improve player safety.

2013 Draft

One less look at Matt Barkley - AFC West Blog - ESPN
If Andy Reid was hoping to get a close-up look at Matt Barkley throw this month, it looks like he will have to readjust his plans.

NFP's final look at players that struggled at the Texas VS The Nation Practices. | National Football Post
Russ Lande gives final thoughts on five players that hurt their draft stock at the Texas VS The Nation Game.

Free Agency

Victor Cruz won’t rule out a holdout | ProFootballTalk
Last April, Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz said that the word holdout wasn’t in his vocabulary and that he didn’t even know what the word meant.

Chris Johnson hasn’t heard from Titans about contract | ProFootballTalk
Next week is a big one for Titans running back Chris Johnson.

Coaching Carousel - Report: Bucs hire Wannstedt to coach special teams
The Buccaneers hired former Bills defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt as their special-teams coordinator on Friday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter first reported.

NFL Front Office Management - You need a MENTOR |
Those of us fortunate enough to have had mentors in our lives understand the importance of their profound influence on our personal and professional growth.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Adrian Peterson shooting for 2,500 yards in 2013 | ProFootballTalk
Vikings running back Adrian Peterson just turned in a season with the second-most rushing yards in NFL history, but he’s setting his sights a little higher for 2013

Hall of Fame: Capsules on the 17 finalists - Yahoo! Sports
The Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee's 17 finalists (15 modern-era and two senior nominees) with their positions, teams, and years active follow in alphabetical order

Deer antler spray seller tries to extend his 15 minutes of fame | ProFootballTalk
As I walked out of the Super Bowl Media Center on Friday, I cam across a mass of reporters on the sidewalk, all surrounding someone who seemed to be speaking intently.

Go Broncos!

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