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Super Bowl XLVII Open Thread: Baltimore Ravens at San Francisco 49ers

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Whether you're watching for the football or for the commercials, we hope you spend some time with us, here at MHR.

Rob Carr

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone! There's always something special about Super Bowl Sunday. All eyes are on the NFL, today, as companies spend millions of dollars to get their likeness in front of every American eye tonight on CBS. It's amazing how commercialized the Super Bowl has become. From the humble beginnings of the NFL, the Super Bowl has just gained more and more popularity. No other sporting event is like it. The World Series isn't what it used to be. The NBA Finals still only reach a niche market of basketball fans.

The Super Bowl captures the attention of everyone. That's amazing, if you think about it. I have friends who won't watch football, all year, but they get excited about watching the Super Bowl. This is the biggest of the big stages.

Today, either the Ravens or the 49ers will be Super Bowl Champions. The 49ers are the home team based on an NFC/AFC rotation. In even numbered Super Bowls (2, 4, 6, 8... 44, 46, etc.), the AFC is the home team. In odd numbered Super Bowls (1, 3, 5... 43, 45, etc.), the NFC team is the home team. This started in Super Bowl I, when the Green Bay Packers (NFC) were the home team. Designated away teams have won 26 of 46 Super Bowls. That's 56.5%.

Anyways, most of you know the open thread rules. Use this comment thread as a place you can discuss the game, commercials, puppy bowl, etc.

As always, Go Broncos!!!