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Denver Broncos 2013 Free Agents: Fight for Him or Let Him Walk - Kevin Vickerson

Vickerson had his first career playoff start in 2012

Dustin Bradford

Kevin Vickerson is the fifth of Denver's ten UFAs. If he signs with another team, the Broncos will not be entitled to any compensation for his loss.

Kevin Vickerson, Defensive Tackle, UFA

Kevin Vickerson

#99 / Defensive Tackle / Denver Broncos



Jan 08, 1983

Michigan State

Vickerson has spent three of his seven NFL seasons with the Broncos. He came to the Broncos as a free agent on September 7, 2010 after being cut by the Seattle Seahawks. He started twelve of the Broncos last thirteen games -- an injury kept him from accompanying the team to London to play San Francisco. He started four of Denver's first five games in 2011 before an ankle injury landed him on the Injured Reserve list. Returning to the active roster in 2012, Vickerson set career highs in both appearances and starts. He helped the 2012 Broncos defense limit opponents to an average of 91.1 rushing yards per game -- which ranked Denver third in the league in rushing defense.

Year Games Starts Sacks Ints Passes Def Forced Fum Fumble Rec Tackles Assists
2010 15 12 2.0 (4th Tie) 1 (4th Tie) 3 (9th Tie) 1 (4th Tie) 0 (17th Tie) 33 (9th) 9 (7th)
2011* 5 4 0 0 0 0 0 3 1
2012 16 14 2.0 (6th Tie) 0 (10th Tie) 1 (15th Tie) 1 (4th Tie) 0 (12th Tie) 28 (9th Tie) 12 (8th Tie)

* rankings not included since Vickerson spent most of 2011 on the IR list. 2010, 15 games/12 starts, 2.0 sacks, 1 Int, 3

Vickerson had his first career playoff start in the 2012 playoff game versus Baltimore.

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Fight for Him or Let Him Walk - Kevin Vickerson
A look at one of Denver's 2013 UFAs