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2013 NFL Free Agency: Signings, Rumors, and Visits

We are going to concentrate on the Denver Broncos and the AFC West in this thread:


Broncos signings:

Chris Kuper is as good as gone...

This is a very, very, good signing for the Broncos. Big Vick stays home where he belongs---will be very interested to see the terms of the deal.

Broncos visits and rumors:

I obviously don't know what the hell to think of this. But with news of the Broncos reaching out to Jennings and meeting with Welker...Broncos want more weapons for #18. Snagging Jennings would probably put Decker in the slot. Scary corps of receivers there!

It has been widely speculated that the Broncos have a list of FA DB they would like to meet with. Look at these pursuits as an upgrade on the #2 spot which would allow Chris Harris to focus on the slot position. Really with as much nickel as the Broncos played, they are looking to upgrade Tony Carter on the outside.

Again, this was put out there before the beginning of official FA. Any bigger more powerful back could be a potential replacement for Willis McGahee or even the utility man Jacob Hester.

There was some steam about mid-day about the Broncos being in play for OLB/DE Paul Kruger---not gonna happen:

Likewise G Andy LeVitre was linked as a possible Bronco FA interview....not gonna happen either:

In other related Broncos news, Peyton Manning passed his physical meaning the next two years are guaranteed:


AFC West visits, rumors signings:

Good pickup especially with Moeaki inconsistent and injured often.

Released TE Randy McMichael earlier.

Gone are the days of Matt Cassell and Brady Quinn....guess we'll have to suffice with Alex Smith and Chase Daniel!

We will keep you updated on the comings and goings! GO BRONCOS!!!