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2013 Denver Broncos Free Agency: Elvis Dumervil Released

Confusion in Bronco Country.

Justin Edmonds

Everything looked peachy in Bronco land. Several solid free agents signed and it looked like Elvis Dumervil had signed to take a $4 million dollar pay reduction. Everybody was happy and people were proud of Dumervil that he was willing to stay with the Broncos.

However, minutes after Bronco fans were up in arms celebrating, Mike Klis of the Denver Post submitted something via twitter stating that due to not having the signature on the contract to fax at 1:59 causing the Broncos to have no choice but to release Elvis Dumervil. If they had not released Dumervil, the full $12 million dollars would have been guaranteed.

Also, it is not as simple as Dumervil just re-signing the same contract that he had. With the Broncos releasing Dumervil, the Broncos take a huge hit of dead money on the salary cap in the area of about $4 million dollars. The Broncos do save about $8 million with the release but it will be interesting to see how the Broncos handle this situation.