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Horse Whisperings: Wading Through The Magrid Mud

Time will prove that Elvis Dumervil will not return to the Broncos

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Doomsday snafu, WTFax or Magrid Muff. Call it what you want, the Denver Bronco/Elvis Dumervil contract misfire has just about run it’s course. I have stated a few times that I wanted Elvis back and that Denver is a better team with him than without him.

I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

What we know:

  • Dumervil is an Unrestricted Free Agent.
  • NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has requested an inquiry into the Dumervil/Bronco quagmire. To be clear, this action is by Smith, not the Broncos, Elvis or his Agent.
  • The Broncos asked the NFL Office if they would honor the verbal agreement that occurred at approximately 1:25 pm MT on Friday. The league rejected the request.

Jason Cole brings up an interesting point:

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk thinks that Dumervil may not want an inquiry.

My Take: There are numerous reasons for this. Added to the above statement by Jason Cole, they (being the NFL and NFLPA) could find his Agent incompetent, or guilty of malpractice. Marty Magid could possibly be fined and/or lose his Agent certification status (in a perfect world).

So, if the called for inquiry even takes place, the decision may have no immediate consequence and only set a precedent for the future. It may find no fault with anyone (Blame the FAX machine). Knowing how lawyers operate though, it stands to reason that a large deposit of Red Tape would be the generated and hot air released.

All an inquiry would do is take up valuable time, which is of the essence here. Even ESPN’s Bill Williamson can see it. He makes a definitive point here:

The Broncos and Dumervil cannot afford to wait an extended time for a ruling. The Broncos have to figure out who is going to be their second pass-rusher, and Dumervil has to get a job. Time is an issue.

Not only that, but the Annual Owners Meeting begins tomorrow and runs through Wednesday at the Biltmore in Phoenix. It is doubtful that any inquiry would occur immediately.

Meanwhile, time marches on:

"I've been fielding calls from other teams," said Marty Magid, Dumervil's agent. "It looks like he'll be taking visits after the GMs get back from the owners' meetings."

I don’t doubt that one bit, but here is a tasty morsel that tells a different tale:

Another conundrum to unfurl. Agent or media. Which to believe. It is difficult for me to think there wouldn’t be any teams interested in Elvis.

Andrew Brandt thinks it is a No-Win scenario.

My thoughts are that the Broncos don’t have much choice here but to move forward. That doesn’t mean the door has slammed shut on the possibility of Elvis’ return. Remember, they had a verbal agreement yesterday. The Broncos never wanted to get rid of him, merely wanted an affordable resolution. Dumervil never wanted to leave either and has been a class act throughout his career.

However, wading through the mud here, The Broncos wouldn’t end up being the highest bidder because of the $4.8M Cap hit and each passing hour reduces the odds that Dumervil could be in a Bronco uniform. lists five potential landing spots for Elvis.

The choice is your Broncos Country, whether you hold out hope or are ready to move forward. Everyone deals with loss differently. Time will tell. As it always has.

Go Broncos!