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Elvis Dumervil Fires Agent; Done With The Broncos?

"Former" Denver Bronco defensive end Elvis Dumervil has fired his agent and according to reports, Elvis hopes him and the Broncos can work things out.

Doug Pensinger

According to numerous reports, Elvis Dumervil has fired agent Marty Magid, the agent involved in Fax Gate, the events that happened yesterday that led to Dumervil's release from the Broncos.

Normally when a player fires an agent, there is a five day waiting period before another agent can be hired, but Magid has waived that period, so Elvis can move on and find someone else to help him find his next team, whether that is the Broncos or not.

Also, according to Vic Lombardi of CBS Denver, the Broncos and Dumervil believe a deal can get done to get past this situation and keep Elvis in Denver.

Lets hope something can get done so this situation that has cast a shadow on what was a fantastic free agent haul for the Broncos this off-season can be fixed.

Other reports have said numerous teams have called about Dumervil's services including the Ravens who hope to meet with him next week.

However, according to Gary Miller of CBS Denver it may be over with Elvis: