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FaxGate Day 5: Broncos make offer to Dumervil

Here's the skinny MHR

Ezra Shaw

John Elway has confirmed that the Denver Broncos have made a contract offer to Elvis Dumervil.

Of course we don't know the exact details of that offer, but it is floating around that the deal is close to the one offered originally, and that the dead money isn't as big an issue as it has been made out to be:

What is also clear, the Broncos don't expect an imminent decision by Elvis, and expect him to see what else is out there:

No worries though Broncos Country, in this case, there is a "Plan B"

So there you have it, Broncos have made an offer and the ball is in Dumervil's court. The talk is that the Ravens are still interested so we will play the waiting game until the situation comes to a conclusion. BTW---Broncos aren't interested in trading for Darrelle Revis (YES!!!)