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Turning The Page At MHR

Time for a cool change - Little River Band

Justin Edmonds

Today is bittersweet for me. I have tidings, and the winds of change are blowing through Mile High Report. It wasn't too long ago that this site was involved in a major facelift. It caused quite a stir. I hope the news I bring you today will not have the same effect.

MHR is announcing a changing of the guard. New management if you will and new blood infusion as well. The pioneer of this website John Bena, aka The Sports Guru, has decided to move on after 6 1/2 years. His vision will continue and the torch will pass on.

He once told me that Mile High Report would live on beyond he or I, and I think he is right. John wouldn't like this tribute to him, preferring to simply disappear once and for all. Rip the bandaid off instead of prolonging things and making a big deal. But I disagree. I stated that his vision will continue and it will as long as I am present. So before we move forward, I give a hearty Mile High Salute to the man who built this home for me and you.

As the song goes, "There's a time for every purpose, under heaven. To everything Turn, turn, turn."

As I stated, bittersweet. That was the bitter root of change, now for the sweet.

Today will see a merger of sorts, between two Denver Bronco fan blogs. Hopefully for the best. MHR and To be more accurate, some of the staff at BroncoTalk, including their leader, Monty (Kyle Montgomery), are joining Mile High Report. Kyle is taking John's position and bringing 4 or 5 of his staff to help create a new era here.

Obviously things will change, but hopefully it will be minimal and seamless. Monty has plenty of experience and is a good guy. I am happy to be working with him and the rest of the staff to make this the best Fan site possible and continue what John envisioned when MHR began.

Monty will make an introductory post in an hour, unless Elvis gets off the pot and makes a decision. As things settle in, we will address taking on more staff. Until then, we have the rest of Free Agency and the Draft to prepare for. Draftivus is right around the corner and there are only 33 days til draft day, 23 weeks or so until Training Camp and 167 days until the start of the 2013 NFL season.

So let's turn the page. Salute John and his vision, welcome Monty and company, look to the future and the promise of a Lombardi trophy.

Go Broncos!