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Next Man Up: Introducing MHR's new lead blogger

As Coach Fox says: "Next man up." An introduction to Kyle Montgomery, new lead blogger at MHR

Doug Pensinger

Good morning, Mile High Report!

I'm Kyle Montgomery (you can call me Kyle or Monty), and I've accepted the position as lead blogger at MHR. I'm stoked to be here!

By way of introduction, I've been running my own Broncos blog for nearly as long as Mile High Report has been running. has been an independent Broncos site since November 2006, run by me and a staff of around six guys. When John Bena informed SB Nation that he was looking to move on, SB Nation approached me; after a few weeks of talks, we agreed for me to jump ship from BT and lead the charge at MHR!

That means BroncoTalk as we now know it will end; you can read my farewell post over there if you like, but let's talk about MHR.

My primary concerns are simple: I want to continue to provide excellent Broncos content, and I want to foster the great community we have here. To the first point, there isn't a lot of time for introductions! We're knee-deep in free agency with high-octane draft talk right around the corner! Elvis Dumervil might make a decision right as you're reading this! I want to stop talking about the site and move onto the Denver Broncos!

To the second point, I'd like to get to know all of you so opening up is probably the best first step. So, about me:

I've been a Broncos fan my entire life, born in Alamosa, CO, but raised in Arizona. One of my favorite memories is of my family and me all wearing John Elway Broncos jerseys during his last game, Super Bowl XXXIII. I have six siblings, so including my parents and me, there were nine of us all decked out in #7's!

I currently live in Flagstaff, AZ. For those who don't know the area, it's nothing like the rest of desert Arizona -- it's green and mountainous at 6,900 feet elevation. I've been here now for nearly 11 years. I have bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from Northern Arizona University. I'm 29 years old, single, and have two dogs, Lupine and Denver.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments, or email me directly at (that email will change soon, we're figuring that out). I will do my best to answer all of them! I also have about five guys from BT who will be moving to MHR with me, so stay tuned for introductions from them as well.

Thanks for lending me your ear, and I'm excited to be leading the charge at MHR!