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2013 NFL Free Agency: Friday Open Thread

Will there be news on Elvis today?

The Chiefs want two picks for Fat Albert. Hey Hey Hey!
The Chiefs want two picks for Fat Albert. Hey Hey Hey!

The Free Agency market has slowed to a snail's pace much to the chagrin of NFL fans. It seems that Elvis Dumervil is single-handedly holding up the show. The Denver Broncos have made a contingency plan (or two) to go forward with or without the services of the Sack master. It seems that the Dolphins have jumped into the fray as well.

In other news this afternoon, it appears that the Kansas City Chiefs asking price to trade for recently Franchise tagged Left Tackle Branden Albert is two draft picks.

The Chicago Bears are mutating into Denver East with their recent signing of DJ Williams to a 1-year deal. More on DJ with a little help from Kyle and Ian.

Speaking of the Bears, Linebacker Brian Urlacher is looking for a winner to play for. And Tight End Kellen Davis is now a member of the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns also picked up Cornerback Chris Owens, formerly of the Falcons.

The Chargers are trying to keep Defensive Lineman Vaughn Martin from Bolting.

You probably already heard that Ravens Safety Ed Reed found a 3 -year $15 Million offer he couldn't refuse from the Houston Texans, further decimating last year's Super Bowl champs.

This just in. Adam Schefter tweets some progress on the Osi Umneyiora front.

Adam has another tweet that raises a question.

If the Ravens have a Road game to start the season, what are the odds that it will be a Thursday Night affair in Denver? Now adjust those odds if Elvis signs with Baltimore.

That is all that is happening at present this afternoon.

Go Broncos!