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MHR Staff Off-the-Snap: Ian Henson

Mile High Report has an infusion of staff and readers following the merger with BroncoTalk, so we're publishing a quick bio of each staff member, new and old. We're also asking each staff member to talk about the favorite piece they've ever written in their Denver Broncos blogging career! Enjoy.


Name: Ian Henson

BT/MHR Staffer Since: BroncoTalk, 2008

Bio: Ian Henson is pleased to be back as a part of the Mile High Report community. He has been a part of Broncos reporting in one fashion or another since 1998, starting with CBS as a member of a sideline crew before venturing out to join BroncoTalk, MaxDenver and Mile High Report as a blogger. In his non-blogging time he is creating his own television network at The Ian Henson Network and has been named CIO at Uptown 6 Productions. In his especially free time, he tweets @TheOrangePage where you can also witness sporadic podcasts.

Favorite Post: And Now, The Most Controversial Post of the Off-Season: A post prior to the 2011 season when it seemed like everyone was screaming for Tebow to start, I said that he would never be anything more than a back-up quarterback. He had me convinced otherwise there for awhile.

Join me in welcoming Ian back to MHR!