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MHR Staff Off-the-Snap: Christopher Hart

Mile High Report has an infusion of staff and readers following the merger with BroncoTalk, so we're publishing a quick bio of each staff member, new and old. We're also asking each staff member to talk about the favorite piece they've ever written in their Denver Broncos blogging career! Enjoy.

Christopher Hart

Name: Christopher Hart

BT Staffer since: After the 2008 NFL Draft - Present

Bio: Life-long Denver Broncos fan swimming in a sea of Packers and Vikings fans in the Midwest. The 1996 season is what really got me into football, because I had never seen such a dominant team play in my life and loved the way we approached offense and defense. Back in the late 2000s before joining BT, I had my own site The Beat which was one of the leading sources for Broncos NFL Draft information on the internet. Now I'm ready to go full-throttle at MHR.

When I'm not obsessing over the Broncos, I spend most of my free time writing music, poetry and am currently working on my first fiction novel. I also enjoy hiking, traveling, painting, graphic design and anything that allows for positivity and creativity. I look forward to getting to know all the members of the SB Nation/MHR community going forward. Thanks for having me!

Favorite Post: Most of my work specializes in the NFL Draft, but I had the absolute pleasure of talking to former NFL DL Marques Douglas when there was a chance he would sign with Broncos because of the connection with Mike Nolan. You can read that old interview here:

Chris is someone I pursued/recruited heavily when I was at BT and he was doing The Beat... thrilled to have his draft insight with us at MHR! Join me in welcoming him here!