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Happy Birthday Peyton Manning

Today Peyton turns 37. Lets hope he starts getting younger

CHirs Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Today is a busy day in Denver Broncos Birthdays. QB Peyton Manning turns 37, Center J.D Walton turns 26, Safety Mike Adams turns 32 and Linebacker Danny Trevathan turns 23!

At 37 years old, one former Hall Of Fame Denver Broncos Quarterback lead his team to the Super Bowl win over the Green Bay Packers. That man was John Elway. Could history repeat itself? Could Peyton Manning lead the Denver Broncos to New York and hoist the Lombardi Trophy? I sure hope so.

Lets not leave out third year player J.D Walton who expects to be the Denver Broncos starting center, Safety Mike Adams who expects to battle to be one of the Broncos starting safeties and young Danny Trevathan who expects to build off his solid rookie year. Happy Birthday guys

Lets relive some of Peyton Mannings finest moments from the prior season to celebrate his birthday!