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Dumervil comments on seven years in Denver

Former Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil posted a brief message on his Twitter account following his signing with the Baltimore Ravens. A little too brief.

Doug Pensinger

After over a week of silence from Elvis Dumervil, the new Baltimore Ravens defensive end has spoken.

From Dumervil's verified Twitter account --

Can't say enough about the Broncos fans, my great teammates, equipment staff, training staff, media staff, Mr. Bowlen, Coach Fox, John Elway and the city of Denver. Its been an unforgettable 7 years. I am looking fwd to this next chapter of my career.

Short and, well, not all that sweet Mr. Dumervil. Ever heard of players taking out a full page ad in the local paper when they leave the town that loved them? You could do a lot more to make a classier exit for all the fans that cheered for you and wanted you back than a Twitter post.