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MHR Staff Off-the-Snap: Topher Doll

Mile High Report has an infusion of staff and readers following the merger with BroncoTalk, so we're publishing a quick bio of each staff member, new and old. We're also asking each staff member to talk about the favorite piece they've ever written in their Denver Broncos blogging career! Enjoy.

Topher Doll

Name: Topher Doll

MHR Staffer since: June 2011

Bio: I grew up in southern Oregon as a Seahawks fan but due to the dark years that were the 1990's I became a Bears and Broncos fan in my early teens. I am married to a wonderful Charger fan and we have a son who may grow up confused on his loyalty.

I first joined MHR in January 2010 and for those who have been around Mile High Report a while know, I used to be a member named maxwellsdemon who'd debate himself to the edge of banning and back again. Since joining the staff I like to tell myself that I've mellowed out. Overall when it comes to writing here on Mile High Report I usually stick with my statistics and film study. As a staffer and a member I've gotten the chance to write, discuss and work with countless people who've impressed or inspired me here and I hope the continues in the years to come.

Favorite Post: Some Clarification is in Order: Motivation
I have a number of favorite articles but this tops my list because it combined everything I enjoy; Sports, society and what makes people do what they do. When I was doing the research for this article I learned so much and was only able to fit a tiny bit in, but I am able to better understand the nature of professional athletes in terms of what makes them act the way they do.

Looking forward to diving in head-first with you, Topher.