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MHR Staff Off-the-Snap: Mr. East

Mile High Report has an infusion of staff and readers following the merger with BroncoTalk, so we're publishing a quick bio of each staff member, new and old. We're also asking each staff member to talk about the favorite piece they've ever written in their Denver Broncos blogging career! Enjoy.

Mr. East

Name: David East (Mr. East)

BT Staffer since: 2008

Bio: As a lifelong Bronco fan my I recently moved the motherland, Colorado, and I'm loving every second of it. I'm a big draft nut. You'll find many futile attempts to predict the newest Bronco additions, otherwise known as mock drafts. I'm also a diehard Nuggets fan, so feel free to pick my brain about the Manimal anytime. I make a living as a Software Developer, so in other words I'm a glorified code monkey. I'm always down for some Bronco discussion so never feel hesitant to shoot an email my way.

Favorite Post: I'm going to cheat here and put two pieces. I wrote an article back in 2010, mocking the Broncos second round options. I selected Demaryius Thomas and Tim Tebow. Everyone told me I was crazy, but as it turns out I wasn't crazy enough. Thomas and Tebow went a round higher than anyone would have thought. My other favorite piece is from the 2012 draft where I mocked Derek Wolfe and Brock Osweiler to the Broncos. Everyone again told me I was crazy. I was told I should have selected Devon Still or Jerel Worthy, and that the Broncos would not take a quarterback, let a lone Osweiler. I love those pieces not because I luckily managed to get a couple of picks correct, but it shows how insane you have to think to get even one pick right in a mock draft.

Oh East, ever so humble. Note how he conveniently left off 2011, where he predicted the Broncos would draft Blaine Gabbert #2 overall... I kid, I kid. Welcome aboard East, thrilled you made the trip to MHR with me!